Question about Elements for Dummies book

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Ian Woodrow, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Ian Woodrow

    Ian Woodrow Guest

    I looked on the newsgroup but saw no
    messages in it at all. Possibly this group is not used ?

    Anyway, I'm looking for a snippet of info on a couple of books in the "For
    Dummies" series. There is one on Elements 6, which
    is exactly the package I want a manual on. However, there is also one,
    Elements for Dummies. This is a much thicker book, so
    my question here is ...... does the thicker book contain everything that
    the one for Elements 6 has or is it different stuff ? I want
    to know if, having Elements 6 application, I should get the Elements 6 book
    ...... or will the general Elements one give me all I
    need to know about Elements 6 ... plus a bit more ?


    Ian Woodrow, Dec 10, 2008
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  2. Ian Woodrow

    tony cooper Guest

    It rather depends on what you are looking for. Just about any book
    will explain the tools and the palettes and what they are for. Beyond
    that, the learning process is how to use the tools to accomplish what
    you want.

    I think this is best learned by following online tutorials that take
    you through specific tasks. Let's say you have an image of, say, two
    people sitting on a bench. The basic book tells you how to crop the
    image, how to clone out that piece of trash in the foreground, and how
    to create layers so your adjustments don't change the basic image in
    case you want to re-do part of it.

    Then you decide that the colors should be a bit more vibrant or that
    the image would look better in black and white. That's the time to
    search for tutorials on these specific tasks. You'll find different
    ways to do the same thing with only minor changes in the results.
    There are dozens of ways, for example, to remove red eye.

    Tutorials are written for Elements and for the various full versions
    of Photoshop. Some tutorials written for one program - like CS3 - can
    be followed in Elements with the same results. Not all tutorials are
    version-specific since (with some exceptions) all the versions have
    the same basic functions available.

    Learn to Google for tutorials with phrases like "Elements tutorial
    selections" or "Photoshop tutorial selections". Either will result in
    tutorials that will teach you how to make selections in Elements.

    Rule One, though, is open the original file and then Save As and give
    it another name. Protect your original in case you screw up the
    editing process.
    tony cooper, Dec 10, 2008
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  3. Ian Woodrow

    Joel Guest

    Forget the dea to spend $$$ to read thing you may not understand or going
    to do. What you really need to do is real learning, or to learn exactly
    what you working on.

    And I would suggest to join some Web Forum with Retouching Forum like (it used to be pretty good but been downhill in the past 2
    years or so) or similar. There you post the photo you work on, asking
    member to help to explain their workflow, then you follow their instruction.


    1. You post the photo you want to learn

    2. Other members work on the same photo and post their version. Now you
    have the chance to compare YOURS with thiers

    3. If you see something you want to learn then ask them for their workflow,
    and they usually more than glad to help you.

    Also, I haven't visited dpreview for little over 2 years to know what has
    been going on lately.
    Joel, Dec 10, 2008
  4. Ian Woodrow

    Ian Woodrow Guest

    Cheers. In my previous searches I was asking in particular for Elements 6
    so getting less chances of hits. I don't have my equipment at home
    connected to the network so I'd prefer a book to be able to consult at any
    time. The great thing about a book is that all you need is light and your
    eyeballs. I did have a search on Elements tutorials in general though and
    got a good wad of hits .... the first one looked good but when I clicked the
    link to see the PDF version it went nowhere except 404 land.
    Ian Woodrow, Dec 11, 2008
  5. Ian Woodrow

    Misifus Guest

    I think you'll find that the Elements 6 specific book will assume you
    know something about elements, and concentrate on the new features in
    the latest version. I would expect the thicker book to be more general
    on the overall use of Photoshop elements. However, the big question in
    my mind would be, does the general book include a description of
    elements 6? In other words, is it up to date?

    If you haven't used any photoshop at all, and it's up to date, I'd go
    with the general book. These books are not detailed technical manuals,
    but they do a good job of getting you started, in a fairly easy to
    digest manner.


    Rafael Seibert
    Misifus, Dec 16, 2008
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