Radio controlled shutter for Canon Rebel

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Jim Motsinger, Dec 26, 2003.

  1. I recently got a new Canon Rebel. It supplements my EOS 35mm and A Sony
    Mavica. My main interest is in wildlife and I had modified the Sony for
    remote shutter release by opening the case and wiring a connector for an
    external pushbutton. It was still necessary to run cable to the camera.
    When I got the rebel, I wanted an RF remote. I bought a model airplane
    control set and modified it. The 75MHz control transmits a 1-2ms pulse
    every 20 ms. The pulse width is proportional to the joystick position. I
    was planning to design a detector circuit when I found one using a Google
    search. The circuit is located at I used an NPN tranistor
    (2N930) in place of the FET. Just hook the collector to the Camera using a
    micro stereo plug from RadioShack. The emitter is the ground (common). I
    only trip the shutter release (not the focus) since the camera seems to
    autofocus on shutter release. It works great. At first I used the
    aircraft servos to mechanically push the button on a Canon remote but the
    noise scared some of the birds/animals. The all electronic setup is silent
    except for the shutter which they seem to ignore. Some examples of my
    results are posted at See the
    backyard wildlife album. The Alaska pictures were taken last year using the
    Sony. The Caribbean in the river was taken using the 15x zoom handheld.
    Jim Motsinger, Dec 26, 2003
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  2. Jim Motsinger

    DHB Guest

    Jim Motsinger,
    I have been considering something similar but not
    for use with my (DSLR Digital Rebel/300D) but rather for a much less
    inexpensive digital camera that I can place in a waterproof housing
    reasonably close to the feeder & remotely trigger it.

    Am wondering why you decided to leave your Digital Rebel/300D in auto
    focus mode for these pictures? Seems to me that the distance to the bird
    feeder is fixed, so why not manually focus & leave it focused at that
    distance? Can't argue with your result & I thank you for sharing both your
    photographic results & technical information here for those like me who are
    interested in such things.

    I'm even considering adding a tiny near IR sensitive camera into the
    roof of a bird house to watch & record there activity both day & night
    thanks to a few near IR LEDs to invisibly illuminate the inside of the bird
    house at night. There are lots of automated ways I could get it to record
    video segments when there is activity within. It sure would be nice to
    record the birth & growth of a baby bird!

    Thanks again for sharing your pictures & information.

    Respectfully, DHB
    DHB, Dec 26, 2003
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