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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by pareshonline2001, Sep 12, 2004.

  1. Hi

    This is my first post (if it gets through i.e. :D)...

    I recently read at a website giving FED2 review that the author
    concluded that the RF was out of alignment based on the observation
    that the RF doesnot align to infinity...

    I have recently acquired a Contax II...
    I have noticed that it's RFalso doesnot align at infinity...
    However, it doesnot seem off!
    I have put through 2-3 rolls and all seem fine and alignments upto its
    before-infinity limit are very perfect...
    For example, you could follow the link below:
    The shot shown here is taken at f1.5 and under low light; yet, I could
    focus and the focus seems right-on...

    Is it that alignment at infinity should be proper!?
    My RF is great and doesnot seem a least bit misaligned!

    Kindly Help...
    Awaiting your replies...


    Paresh Pandit
    Mumbai, IN
    Sept 12, 2004

    P.S.: The FED 2 article can be found here :
    pareshonline2001, Sep 12, 2004
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  2. pareshonline2001

    Peter Irwin Guest

    Fortunately the FED 2 is fairly simple to adjust.
    How far away was your "infinity" target? A Contax (or Kiev)
    rangefinder will show a clear double image as far away as
    200 metres, but if you focus on a really distant object
    will line up perfectly. The prewar Contax rangefinder
    is extremely precise.

    Adjusting the Contax is less trivial than adjusting a
    leica style rangefinder, and some disassembly of the front
    of the camera is required. You will probably find instructions
    easier to find on the web if you search for Kiev rangefinder
    adjustment. You may want to get a professional to do the job.a

    Check infinity focus with a tower several kilometres away,
    or something really distant like the moon and see if it really
    is correct at infinity.

    Peter Irwin, Sep 12, 2004
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