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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by imbsysop, Sep 28, 2009.

  1. imbsysop

    John A. Guest

    I keep mine as PEF since I read a while back it has better compression
    than DNG. I must admit I don't recall having tried it myself to see,
    but then again I may have early on and moved on.

    I think it makes the most sense to keep archives in a raw
    non-demosaiced format rather than TIF. You might find a program later
    with a better demosaicing algorithm. Also I'm given to understand that
    stock licensors want RAW files.
    John A., Oct 1, 2009
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  2. imbsysop

    imbsysop Guest

    That is also my take on the matter .. I fail to see how any "back-
    calculation" can yield anything as remotely exact given the calculation and
    the result on a per sensel basis in the Bayer algorithm ...
    imbsysop, Oct 1, 2009
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  3. imbsysop

    imbsysop Guest

    re-mosiac? based on what type of maths? One may call it "processed" but re-
    mosaic? I fail to see how that should be done on a final result of any set
    of Bayer measuring cells and what the gain of this could be except for
    inserting lots of mathematical rounding errors if it were possible at all?
    ... and why on earth anyone woul dwant to call it "re-mosaic"? to me that
    makes no sense but plse elaborate?
    imbsysop, Oct 1, 2009
  4. Bad assumption. You demosaic each RGGB-2x2 into *four*
    RGB-triplets (while also looking at the neighbours).

    Wolfgang Weisselberg, Oct 1, 2009
  5. imbsysop

    imbsysop Guest

    Well the best comparison I've heard was someone who said that "re-mosaic"
    was like starting from vegetable soup trying to reconstitute the individual
    vegetables so next time at your grocer you may try to ask for "vegetable
    soup" when you want to buy vegetables :-D it may help! .. it may be
    semantics but at least a definition should define what it stands for .. see
    the eternal PPI/DPI mess ... :)
    imbsysop, Oct 2, 2009
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