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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by morello69, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. morello69

    morello69 Guest

    Hi, everybody. Which is, in your opinion, the best RAW developer for
    Minolta RAW files? I have Dimage Master, but it's so slow it's
    unusable. Now, I'm using Bibble (ver. 4.4): good but not so clear, not
    user friendly ....
    morello69, Jul 30, 2006
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  2. There's some loss of colour accuracy - which Dimage Master does best -
    but for speed and ease of use, the best bet is a new edition of
    Photoshop Elements 4.0 (Windows or Mac) which costs about £69 UK,
    probably less elsewhere, and does a very good job with .MRW files in
    terms of detail, lack of artefacts, contrast, exposure adjustment etc.
    The main benefit is speed. It's simply much, much faster than any other
    converter and you get to edit the image directly with a full set of
    tools once opened.

    David Kilpatrick, Jul 30, 2006
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  3. morello69

    Alan Browne Guest

    I make do with Elements 3.0 and will be upgrading to PS CS2 in the not
    too distant future.

    It is not easy to get the colours correct, however ... I find Elements
    ..MRW import to give a dull yellow cast and it takes some effort to get
    it right. (At that the 7D in-camera JPG's have a very good, slightly
    saturated, colour rendition (Embedded Adobe RGB mode)).

    Since Elements is RGB oriented for the info probe, I'm upgrading to CS2
    as you can get the full YMC info while running over the iamge and that
    is the better way to get skin tones nailed (Yel/Mag).

    Alan Browne, Jul 30, 2006
  4. morello69

    POHB Guest

    Dimage is so slow its enough to put you off taking RAW images if its
    your first foray.

    Pixmantec Raw Shooter is good value (free) and has plenty of settings
    to fiddle with, although you then need to use another tool for anything
    other than the RAW conversion. Get it while you can because they've
    just been swallowed up by the Adobe machine

    Picassa works fine with MRW files, although to my eyes the images are
    less sharp than those from Pixmantec. It is very fast for viewing,
    sorting etc and basic stuff like cropping, but again you need something
    else for detailed tweaking.
    POHB, Jul 31, 2006
  5. I use Pixmantec's Raw Shooter as well and like it. The only time I
    find it slow is when it first loads the images in a directory. I
    usually navigate to the directory I want, go off and get myself
    something to drink and come back to find it ready to work. Actual RAW
    conversion is quite fast and works inthe background while I tweak the
    next file.
    Christina Robertson, Jul 31, 2006
  6. But note that it is unclear whether you will be able
    to register it on a new machine or after a reinstall
    after the Adobe Lightroom is released. So while this
    is probably a good solution for existing users, it is
    well possible that if the OP switches to it, he'll need
    to switch again a few months later. OTOH, maybe he
    don't mind...

    I am using the RawShooter now. Personally I don't like
    the Lightroom beta (for various reasons) and looking for
    an alternative to the RS the Bibble looks very interesting.
    I also wouldn't say that the RS is more user friendly
    than Bibble - but YMMV.

    OP: I'd say that if you already have a Bibble license,
    upgrade to a recent version (4.8, should be a free upgrade)
    and use this until the situation regarding RawShooter
    Essentials, Lightroom etc. clears up.

    Stanislav Meduna, Jul 31, 2006
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