Rayovac PS3 Universal Charger

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Norman, Mar 11, 2005.

  1. Norman

    Norman Guest

    Hello all,

    Would anyone out there have any opinions on the Rayovac PS3 Universal Charger?
    It's the one that can charge 4 C/D or 8 AA/AAA cells. I'm looking at this one
    primarily because it can charge my NiCD C & AA cells (and later, NiMHs), and
    it's in an acceptable price range ($40 CDN). Are there any better "smart"
    chargers out there?

    It doesn't appear to be the fastest charger out there, but a slightly slower
    charge rate is better for cell life, isn't it? Another disadvantage that I've
    noticed is that pairs of AA are charged in parallel, so really, it only charges
    4 batteries at a time.

    Alternatively, I recently saw a Rayovac PS1 for $10 CDN and was recently
    informed that the PS4 was discontinued (on sale soon, perhaps). I suppose I
    could get one of these for my AAs and look into a more capable (expensive) C/D
    charger at some later point in time.

    Any suggestions welcome,

    - ---
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    Norman, Mar 11, 2005
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  2. Norman

    richard Guest

    I'm not sure what charger I had but I think it's the one you are describing.
    I did not like it. As a matter of fact, I think it was ruining my batteries.
    I know when it charged AA batteries the batteries would get extremely hot
    and I have read this is not good for them. After a few charges, the
    batteries would be ruined. It seemed to work fine for the D size
    rechargeables though. Now, I use those eveready energizer rechargeables with
    their on charges and I'm quite happy with them. They also have a high ampere
    hour rating (2500) and can be purchased at Walmart.

    richard, Mar 12, 2005
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  3. Norman

    clutch Guest

    Yes, I have one. It worked right with NiMH batteries twice and then
    would never turn off. It does still seem to charge ROV's alkaline
    rechargables that I use in my remote controls.

    I'd pass on it.

    clutch, Mar 12, 2005
  4. Norman

    Sheldon Guest

    It's better if the charger charges each battery separately. A lot of people
    like the Maha. I've got one and like it a lot. And you are correct --
    super fast chargers, that heat up the battery a lot -- do affect battery
    life. But, it's a tradeoff. The Maha I have has settings for slow and
    Sheldon, Mar 12, 2005
  5. Norman

    Norman Guest

    Any suggestions on a model? I did have a look at the thomas distributing website
    the other day, and found it to be very hard to do pricing comparisons. It seems
    that for many of their products, you have to go as far as "purchasing" the item
    before you see the price. What I'd really prefer would be to do a search on
    Maha, and see a listing of models and prices (same goes for batteries...

    Besides, I'd really prefer to see the thing in person, so something that might
    be found in a store would also be nice.
    - ---
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    Norman, Mar 14, 2005
  6. Norman

    Norman Guest

    Sadly, I did notice a few reports about the PS3 not properly detecting NiMH
    charge completion (but I also noticed happy interactions and quick replacements
    by customer support).

    Which charger are you using? The local Walmart only had AA 30-min(? Eveready)
    and 15-min (Duracell?) chargers. In fact, in checking Best Buy, Future Shop,
    Walmart, Zellers, etc over the past few months, I've only found the PS3 in one
    store, and an Eveready "dumb" charger in a C/D size.

    Since I'm running against a price cap too, and since most of my batteries are
    AA, I could go for a AA charger now, and maybe a good C/D charger later. My
    concern, however, is that the vast majority of chargers out there are
    AA/AAA-only, and there's a definite trend towards fast chargers. Personally, as
    long as the batteries are charged in 6-12 hours or so, that's fast enough for
    me. And it's gotta be some sort of intelligent charger (otherwise, I'll just
    stick with my existing charger).

    - ---
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    Norman, Mar 14, 2005
  7. Norman

    Norman Guest

    Which model? I've checked the Thomas Distributing site, and it's useless for
    comparison pricing. You have to "purchase" some chargers before you see a price,
    and the batteries...if you want AA and C, you seem to have to check each
    manufacturer and size individually to see different pricing. What a pain.

    - ---
    Please reply via group. E-mail ID does not exist.
    Norman, Mar 14, 2005
  8. Norman

    JM Guest


    I have a PS4, one hour charger. I notice that some brands heat up more or
    less than others. Some brands don't heat up as much so that I can handle
    them right after the charger stops, and I don't have to let then cool before
    JM, Mar 14, 2005
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