Re : Any SD memory cards that come with a USB reader?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by milsabords, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. milsabords

    milsabords Guest

    The SanDisk come with MicroMate because they are SDHC. Most card readers
    only support SD.
    milsabords, Sep 13, 2008
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  2. The SDHC standard is over 2 years old. By now word should have spread to
    the manufacturers about it and most card readers you can buy today do
    support SDHC.
    Of course older models bought over 2 years ago won't and those purchased
    within the past 2 years are maybe/maybe not.
    I got one 1 1/2 years ago and it did support SDHC already.

    Jürgen Exner, Sep 13, 2008
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  3. milsabords

    milsabords Guest

    Good for you. The built-in card reader on my 18 months old laptop supports
    SD/MMC only.
    milsabords, Sep 13, 2008
  4. I still have one of those old readers and found something interesting.

    Longish story to get to the point later...

    I was trying to increase the card-size available for an older, but exceptional
    still-can't-be-beat-by-any-camera-made-today, camera that takes the older Memory
    Stick Pro cards. Originally the cards used to cost $90 for 256MB. I figured with
    the low low price of MicroSD cards out there that I would try an experiment. I
    got a Memory Stick Pro to Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter, then a Memory Stick Pro
    Duo to MicroSD card adapter. Piggybacked a 4GB MicroSDHC card into the two
    nested adapters. Works flawlessly in the camera. 4GB of very fast memory in my
    older, but fantastic, camera for less than $20, not counting the one-time
    overhead adapter price. If I tried to buy that much memory for my camera back
    when I got it it would have cost me over $1,400 in 16-256MB chunks. If I recall,
    the 1GB Memory Stick Pro cards back then were still over $280 each, it would
    have still been over $1100 in the largest cards available at the time to get the
    same capacity, at even less speed. Quite the price savings and what a nice
    upgrade to a camera that's still very much worth having and using today.

    Here's the card-reader pertinent part. I still couldn't read the 4GB MicroSDHC
    card in my card-reader by using a standard MicroSD to SD adapter, the card being
    SDHC. So I thought I'd try an experiment. When piggy-backed into the Memory
    Stick Pro Duo adapter and using the Memory Stick slot instead of the SD slot
    then the non-SDHC card-reader sees the MicroSDHC just like any other Memory

    Thought I'd pass on this little bit of info. Someone may enjoy finding out that
    they don't have to pay outrageous prices for Memory Stick Pro/Duo cards. As well
    as a unique work-around for older non-SDHC card-readers if you are investing in
    the newer high-speed MicroSDHC cards. My other reason for supplementing my SD
    stash with MicroSD cards is that my MP3 player likes them. When out shooting
    photos while listening to tunes if I run out of memory for images I can always
    sacrifice a MicroSD MP3 card for photos, erase/reformat for camera use. I can
    always replace the songs later when I get back home. But I might never get those
    shots again if I don't have some memory for them at the time.

    If anyone is interested in more info to get these adapters, I found the
    MicroSDHC 4GB Class-6 card bundled with a MS Pro Duo adapter. It is made by
    Transcend, their part # TS4GUSDHC6-MS. The Memory Stick Pro Duo to Memory Stick
    adapter bundled with a 1GB Memory Stick Pro Duo card is made by Lexar, label on
    the packaging says "Platinum II", ISBN label on the back has a part # of
    MSDP1GB-40-664. I got both from

    As long as I was on the hunt for more memory for all my cameras and MP3 player I
    didn't mind if the adapters that I was after were already bundled with the very
    cards that I wanted. I found that you could get just the adapters alone from
    "unknown" retailers on Amazon for much lower prices without any bundled memory
    cards. Though one of the adapters could only be found in an "adapter kit" that
    cost as much as the one I got bundled with a memory card. I didn't want to take
    the chance on giving any untested-stores my credit numbers.
    cliff davenport, Sep 14, 2008
  5. milsabords

    Pete D Guest

    Have you checked to see if there is a driver or firmware update to allow the
    reader to see SDHC cards? My almost 4 years old Pentax Ds had a firmware
    update that allows it to use SDHC cards, I know they are different but it is


    Pete D, Sep 14, 2008
  6. I bought a couple of cheap SD card readers from my local Pound Store (2
    bucks US). The price was, as it says on the sign, a pound UK. They are
    SDHC-compatible as well as handling MMC cards -- I've used everything in
    them from a 32Mb MMC up to a couple of different 16Gb Class 6 SDHC cards
    and had no problem.
    Robert Sneddon, Sep 15, 2008
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