Re- Color Space of P.S. CS - sRGB and Monitor RGB?

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Stanley, Dec 21, 2004.

  1. Stanley

    Stanley Guest

    There are no "richer colors of sadRGB space". Colors are what they are
    and the task of color-manamement is to keep them like that.

    Thank you, Timo,
    Actually, I didn't mean the richer color of the sRGB space, but the
    richer color of the picture I opened with that sRGB space.

    I've already found my problem. the color management policy option made
    the difference.

    For a color A in the original camera raw file.

    if I opened it in photoshop by turning off the color setting, I saw
    color A/sRGB_ps. This is the wrong color. I saved it as a jpg file.
    when I opened the jpg with Acdsee or somewhat, I see color
    A/sRGB_monitor because it ignores the ICC. It makes sense, A/sRGB is
    not the original A/camera_RGB. I saw the same wrong color both in
    photoshop and acdsee.

    if I opened it in photoshop by "convert to working RGB", A/camera_RGB
    was converted to B/sRGB_ps, and this is the correct color. If I opened
    the saved jpg, I saw B/sRGB_monitor. This is the correct color,too
    and I proved my monitor and photoshop have similar sRGB space.

    if I opened it in photoshop by "preserve embedded color space". I saw
    A/camera_RGB in photoshop. and my acdsee showed the saved jpg file as
    A/monitor_sRGB. I saw the correct color in photoshop but a wrong one
    in acdsee.

    My previous problems are solved. But here comes a new one. why my
    camera has a different sRGB with my computer. It doesn't look like I
    can sync them by calibrate my monitor if I can see the correct on by
    "convert". they just seem to be different color spaces.

    Stanley "My new spyder2 may help me to solve the color headache" C.
    Stanley, Dec 21, 2004
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  2. If I understood correctly your camera or the RAW conversion software
    you use 1) does embedded an ICC profile to the images and 2) that
    profile is not sadRGB profile. So the image data is not in sadRGB.

    Therefore, in order to yo get the image data to your RGB working-space
    you do need to 1) preserve the embedded profile and then 2) convert to
    your RGB working-space. And to get the images accurately to the Web
    you need to convert them to a suitable Web publishing space like to
    the nativePC profile.

    About color accuracy in general, none of the digital cameras (nor
    their conversion software) produce the images in any accurate ICC
    profile (unless it is a custom made profile). Somebody could claim
    that they are close but that is a matter of opinion and depends on
    from what part of the tonal reproduction range this opinion is

    By default (without an accurate custom profile) all digital cameras
    and their RAW conversion software produce the dark end of the tonal
    reproduction range incorrectly, way too dark. This has the effect that
    the high image noise and/or the lack of the dynamic range is hidden,
    but also all image detail there in the dark end will be hidden too.
    This is a common method to hide these faults that all the camera
    manufacturers use.

    Timo Autiokari
    Timo Autiokari, Dec 24, 2004
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