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Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Jack Perry, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. Jack Perry

    Jack Perry Guest

    That's the spirit

    I hoped that at least one or two good flame - wars would erupt

    Thank's everyone for your feedback

    The story is this:

    I fired a nutbar client who wanted to start her own TV show but wasn't
    prepared to: A; do the work

    or B; fairly compensate a guy like me --- an actual 20 year TV photog

    so on her way out ----- I referred the Ex Client to a videographer
    friend of mine who does low level Bar Mitzvahs and Orthodox Weddings --
    because that's what she should expect for her $$ and attitude *

    He's like a lot of Wedding Videogs in the business right now --- 40
    something and NOT A MINUTE of formal video training ---- he "Knows It
    All" ---just ask him

    but when the shit came down --- and (apparently to only SOME People) the
    "Money Shot" of Christie Brinkley comes along ---- my friend didn't
    know enough to operate his respectable PD150 to get the shot ---plain
    and simple.

    He's my friend or WAS before I posted his shit on Youtube --- so I'm
    trying hard not to crush the kid -- but

    IMHO someone who really KNEW how to operate that camera in that
    situation, would have immediately irised DOWN and kept an eye on the
    100% ZEBRAS

    But this guy constantly turns his zebras off -- because they "Irritate" him

    and constantly blows out his whites because he doesn't see this as

    Consequently the client won't hire him anymore ---and begged me to come
    back ---

    I didn't

    I'd hang the producer too if there WAS one

    * I have nothing but respect for people who shoot weddings and Bar
    Mitzvahs ---- I just prefer not to do them

    so thanks again Man!

    --- Jack Perry
    Jack Perry, Sep 13, 2008
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