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Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by dorothy.bradbury, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Just been the victim of a violent road-rage attack, attempted assault by my
    window (which he couldn't get thro) & criminal damage, fortunately with
    witnesses all around & some known to the police.

    My concern is a repeat attack - since he has demonstrated them before:
    o I slow down for speed ridges, 30mph limit to 27-28mph & re-accelerate
    ---- I have to due to chronic spinal injuries, and so do others re jarring
    ---- he violently jumping up & down, punching "go on faster" & trying to ram
    o Several incidents with other cars, if someone doesn't get out of his way
    ---- all screaming, slamming on the outside of his door & jumping up & down
    ---- forget the worst televised attack, this one is more frenzied & insane

    Golf GTI 16V, anyone who doesn't race to get out of his way is attacked,
    from my local parcelforce van (who get out of anyones way :) to prams.

    Revengeful - the two speed ridge incident were both in the same place,
    but 4 months and over 15 months ago, and he raced after me on sight.

    o Need - Small handheld discrete digital videocamera for passenger
    o Options - Mustek DV3000 or the ?larger? Trust 732AV

    Both primitive but suitable.
    Cheaper than Invertor + DVR + 1-4 fixed cameras in the car.

    Enough to catch him if his punches to my head do come thro the glass,
    he destroys another power wing mirror, attacks 70yr+ passenger, knife etc.

    Q: Anyone used the above, do they offer 1-touch record?

    Q: Anyone know of a similar camera with Video-IN?
    ---- so I can connect a fixed camera to it?
    dorothy.bradbury, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Q: Re cameras - a more innovative solution:

    o Archos do a video-input capable recorder
    ---- chips + hard drive = tiny + low-power + vast recording capability
    (start at journey start)

    o Any video camera can be used I *think*
    ---- simple pinhole pointing diagonally behind me at the driver door &

    Hands free, cheap, quality digital video recording.
    Usable portable backup/transfer hard drive for business use too re expenses.

    For the price, it makes a useful DVR for a surveillance/witness app??
    At least video witness on top of human witnesses if a repeat/revenge.
    dorothy.bradbury, Jul 21, 2003
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  3. dorothy.bradbury

    xEcute Guest

    If that fails try a Colt 45 that is sure to give the results you are after.
    xEcute, Jul 21, 2003
  4. He's known to police, and I "can take it that he was on drugs".
    Matter being dealt with, he's also done some other "events".

    Astonishingly, the heated + power + painted wing mirror is just 89ukp.

    However, I'll still do the Archos & Video Camera thing.
    Got to get it confirmed it is "plug a standard camera in" & go.

    If so the UK police & several businesses very interested:
    o It is 4-5x cheaper for "on the spot loan deployment for repeat events"
    ---- so they can let 4-5x more people use them
    o It has huge storage capability & low power use
    ---- other systems often let them down re capacity
    o It is compact, and whilst not silicon, uses a laptop disk
    ---- laptop disks are often 4-5x the G capability of desktop

    That latter point helps in cars, which can otherwise present problems
    that a "spinning head" tape solution doesn't present re no head gap.
    dorothy.bradbury, Jul 21, 2003
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