Reading/Editing DVD-RAM Disks

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by CJB, Nov 26, 2008.

  1. CJB

    CJB Guest

    Please can someone advise. I can output a bunch of recordings to a DVD-
    RAM disk with my Panny E95. Then I can read this with my Toshiba
    Qosmio for editing (mainly removing commercials). However when I look
    at the file structure on the disk the entire video recording o/p is in
    but one file, even though I downloaded about 6 programmes in sequence.
    Is there any software that runs under Windows on a PC/Laptop that
    makes editing DVD-RAM files easy and can split the recordings into
    their separate programmes? I heard that Panasonic has an app. that
    might do this - MovieEditorSE (or something like that) - yet this does
    not appear to be publically available. Many thanks - CJB.
    CJB, Nov 26, 2008
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  2. "CJB" wrote from Gooooooooooogle Groups...
    Perhaps if you actually revealed the file and directory structure you are
    asking about, you would have a better chance of getting useful response.
    Richard Crowley, Nov 26, 2008
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