Reasons why I bought the Canon 30D

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Kulvinder Singh Matharu, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. A few weeks ago, when the 30D was announced, I posted that I was
    disappointed with the 30D. The reason for this disappointment was
    that I was expecting a 10+MP camera. I own a 10D so was expecting an
    increase from 6MP to 10MP...a worthwhile improvement to justify the
    purchase of a new camera. And, at the time, I wasn't too interested
    in the other features that the 30D had.

    Well, I just back from a trip to South America last month having used
    my 10D and I realised that I needed a camera with a very fast turn-on
    time. I missed a lot of action-shots of glaciers collapsing. So, I
    when I got back from my trip, I went ahead and bought the 30D.

    The improvement in turn-on time, the improvement in writing speed,
    high-speed shooting mode and implementation of spot-metering over my
    10D was dramatic...I was very pleased with my 30D purchase. No
    regrets. And of course I can now use the internal flash without my
    lenses casting a shadow!

    What to do with my 10D? It's still a very good camera and is more
    than adequate for 90% of the types of photos that I take. It's got a
    few scratches and dents but it works fine (even when soaked in the
    rain for 6 hours!).

    Kulvinder Singh Matharu
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    "It ain't Coca Cola, it's rice", Straight to Hell - The Clash
    Kulvinder Singh Matharu, Apr 4, 2006
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  2. Kulvinder Singh Matharu

    ian lincoln Guest

    Keep it. find the auto power off in the menu and set it to off or at least
    30 mins. For what you get for it 2nd hand you couldn't buy a rebel XT. The
    extra handling features of the 10D far outweigh anything else.
    ian lincoln, Apr 4, 2006
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