Rechargeable AAs for the Nikon D200

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Alan, Oct 29, 2007.

  1. Alan

    Alan Guest

    Can you use Rechargeable AAs for the Nikon D200 instead of buying the
    Nikon battery and charger?

    Alan, Oct 29, 2007
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  2. Alan

    Graham Guest

    Only with the MB-D200 battery pack.
    Graham, Oct 29, 2007
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  3. Alan

    Alan Calan Guest

    Wel, then how can some of these online companies sell the D200 without
    the battery pack? I don't understand how these companies work because
    if they screw up you can always stop payment on the credit card and
    get the postal inspectors involved for mail fraud.
    Alan Calan, Oct 29, 2007
  4. Alan,

    The battery pack is an optional extra - part of the vertical grip.
    The camera takes EN-EL3e Li-ion batteries internally.

    David J Taylor, Oct 29, 2007
  5. Learn about the New York City camera hustlers.
    Richard J Kinch, Oct 29, 2007
  6. Alan

    Charlie Choc Guest

    The MB-200 is an option regardless of where you buy the camera.
    Charlie Choc, Oct 29, 2007
  7. Alan

    Alan Guest

    So, you cannot operate the camera without either the rechargeable
    battery or the battery pack, unlike the F5. I don't understand how
    these stores stay in business selling a camera with without power or
    worse still by baiting and switching. If something like that goes on,
    all you have todo is call your credit card company and if they want to
    continue witb Amex, MC or Visa they have to make good or they won't
    get paid.

    Are all the people who get screwed using checks and money orders? Even
    they have recourse with the US Postal Inspecotrs, who I hear can be
    very tough.
    Alan, Oct 29, 2007
  8. Alan

    newsmb Guest

    I'm not sure what the problem is.

    The D200 ships with a EN-EL3e battery. I don't believe that you can
    buy a camera body without the battery.

    The MB-200 "battery grip" is available at extra charge, and it allows
    you to use rechargeable AAs. I have never bothered with it because I
    don't need the grip, and it's a lot cheaper and more convenient just
    to buy a couple of extra EN-EL3e's.
    newsmb, Oct 29, 2007
  9. Alan

    Charlie Choc Guest

    You don't need the battery pack (unless you want to use AAA's) and the camera
    ships with a proprietary rechargeable battery and charger.
    Charlie Choc, Oct 29, 2007
  10. many Brooklyn reseller are selling the battery and the charger separatly.
    Thats how they can offer lower prices on the bodies. That's old news,

    You order by the web, then the next day someone calls you to offer you to
    buy the charger and the battery for 200$. Old scam...
    Yvon Travailler, Oct 30, 2007
  11. "Wow, these guys are selling the camera for half the price of everybody

    Do you think:
    A) Everybody else are greedy bastards, keeping us po' folks down! Right On!
    2) Those guys are sleazy rip-off artists, who are going to charge me $50
    for "Shipping & Handling" and an extra $200 for the rear body cover.
    Brion K. Lienhart, Oct 30, 2007
  12. Actually, if you shoot a lot, the extra battery pack/grip is well worth it.
    I do freelance sports photography and having the extra battery pack gives me
    about 1000 shots even with looking at them through the monitor all the time.
    Dave Phillips, Nov 4, 2007
  13. Alan

    C J Campbell Guest

    Besides, they really cannot offer lower prices on the bodies that way.
    Nikon does not sell cameras to the dealers without batteries and
    chargers in the box. So these guys are dishonestly parting out the
    contents of the box and ultimately charging far more for a working
    camera than an honest dealer would.
    C J Campbell, Nov 4, 2007
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