Recomendation for Wireless Lav Mic

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by BlotarTheBarbarian, May 26, 2004.

  1. RE: Recomendation for Wireless Lav Mic

    Hi Guys,
    I only have $300-400 to spend on a wireless lav mic. Any
    recomendations/suggestions. I realize one can spend a firune on these
    things but for now I just want a basic unit.
    -Thx, B
    BlotarTheBarbarian, May 26, 2004
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  2. The Sennheiser EW100 series is pretty good. There are
    2nd generation models available now, but the earlier ones
    should be available within your budget. Search eBay titles
    and descriptions for "Sennheiser (wireless,EW*)" and you
    should find several. (Look in Pro Audio to avoid having
    to sift through all the wireless headphones.) The mic itself
    can be either cardioid or omni, and the receiver can be
    either an A/C-powered two-antenna diversity unit or a
    battery-powered non-diversity unit.
    L David Matheny, May 26, 2004
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  3. Thanks. I used a wireless system once before on a shoot way out in the
    country and even there we could not get rid of EMI/RFI noise. I wish I
    had more to spend but at the level I am at it will have to do.
    Thanks, B :)
    BlotarTheBarbarian, May 26, 2004
  4. BlotarTheBarbarian

    someone Guest

    The Sennheiser won't have that problem unless you are in a really bad
    location. I've used them for quite a while and only occasionally have a
    problem. Like shooting next to an arc-welder.
    someone, May 27, 2004

  5. Most of the good lav mics are available for between $250 - $350. Of course
    you will need a transmitter and receiver to go with the mic!
    Charles Tomaras, May 27, 2004
  6. BlotarTheBarbarian

    Steve King Guest

    Tell me about the arc welder interference. I have shot a lot of welding
    video. Stick, Mig, Pulsed Mig, Tig, Squarewave Tig, Asymetrical Square Wave
    Tig. With these wave shapes, high amperages, and the unshielded nature of
    the welding arc, you would expect wide band rf interference sufficient to
    shut down most transmission or receiving devices nearby. I always go ready
    to hardwire or shoot MOS and plug in factory and welding SFX later. But,
    the mystery is that I have rarely had interference in radio mics unless the
    transmitter was very close to the arc or the weld cable. I've had
    Lectrosonics (don't know which model) on welders who talked, while they
    welded. The transmitter was in the middle of the welder's back and the arc
    was maybe three feet away through the man's body, but I was surprised it

    Steve King
    Steve King, May 27, 2004
  7. The Sennheiser won't have that problem unless you are
    Consider that the problem may be with the mic itself, and
    have nothing to do with the RF link. Over on r.a.m.p.s
    (there is occasional
    discussion of certain brands/models that are notoriously more
    sensitive to environmental factors (humidity, RFI, etc. etc.)
    than most others.
    Richard Crowley, May 27, 2004
  8. BlotarTheBarbarian

    Steve King Guest

    Yes, the mic itself may be the culprit, when such interference happens. I
    was thinking of the analogue pre-amp circuits in the wireless transmitter
    and how they could easily become over-loaded with high intensity stray RF
    from the arc. However, it just isn't as big a problem as I anticipated,
    when I first started shooting for my welding manufacturer client a decade

    Steve King
    Steve King, May 27, 2004
  9. BlotarTheBarbarian

    Xar Richovic Guest

    Any opinions on UHF vs. VHF freq?

    "Let me have men about me that are fat, Sleek-headed men, and such as
    sleep o' nights: Yond Cassius has a lean and hungry look; He thinks too
    much: such men are dangerous."
    -Julius Caesar. Act i. Sc. 2
    Xar Richovic, May 28, 2004
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