Recommendation for a colour printer

Discussion in 'Photoshop' started by Les Desser, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. Les Desser

    Les Desser Guest

    I have a friend who is an illustrator - does hand drawings, scans them
    in and then does final touching up on Photoshop.

    He has asked me for a recommendation for a suitable colour printer that
    will do accurate prints.

    Volume is not high - maybe 25 - 50 pages a month.

    My gut feel is that he would be best served with an inkjet printer but I
    don't have a clue as to what features to look out for. I presume that
    the ability to calibrate the printer is important. Cost is an issue so
    not too expensive.

    Can anyone recommend a suitable printer?

    Les Desser, Jun 10, 2009
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  2. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    If your friend has plenty of $$$ to burn then pick one of the top-notch of
    Epson printers which can be up to $3,000 - $10,000+. If your friend just
    want a good enough then get one of the Epson Inkjet printer for around

    And if you friend want to print from one of the most expensive printer
    (can be around $30,000 - or more) then just bring to a Photolap and lets
    them printed using one of the most expensive printers.

    I would suggest to GOOGLE around for more detail about the quality, price,
    and ink price etc..
    Joel, Jun 10, 2009
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  3. Les Desser

    Les Desser Guest

    Thank you.

    Any recommendations for actual models or at least what features to go

    Is it the regular printers or the Photo printers that he needs?
    Les Desser, Jun 10, 2009
  4. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    Any current Epson Inkjet Printer should be good enough to give a great
    print. Then depending on the print size and other, you can even go lower
    than $100.

    INKJET printer is what he needs to print color photo. The standard or
    regular would print up to 8x10 (or whatever the standard paper), and some
    pro. can print to a larger size.
    Joel, Jun 11, 2009
  5. Les Desser

    Les Desser Guest


    Thank you for your very detailed post and to all the others for their
    suggestions and comments.

    I've forwarded all the post. I'll be back if he has any queries.

    Many thanks again.
    Les Desser, Jun 11, 2009
  6. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    I would suggest not to forget the GOOGLE which often give more detail
    information than most people or even book can give.


    - If not so picky then s/he can always bring to a local Photolab and can get
    the photos printed within an hour or so. And it's VERY CHEAP these days.

    - If s/he want to own his/her Photolab and don't care much about expensive
    INK cartrdige then s/he may want to do some research about

    a. Refillable Ink Cartridge which usually cost between $20-200 depending
    on the number of catridge and which company you buy from.

    Or besides the price difference, most if not all cartridges are the same
    if not exactly the same. The refillable ink catridge is better choice
    than refilling the original catridge which will be limited to around
    3-4 fills then you will have to replace with a newer set. And you will
    need a CHIP RESETTER etc.

    b. Or s/he (or you) can go for the CISS (Continious Ink Supply System)
    some company bundles with already filled and ink bottles. The price
    for filled and ink bottle can be from around $50 - $300 depending on
    where you buy

    So, GOOGLE around for extra information and PRI$E
    Joel, Jun 12, 2009
  7. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    Just like about all inkjet and even laswer printer, you can refill your
    own cartdige or toner. But different type of cartridge/design may have some
    limitation and different trick to deal with different CHIP protection.
    Joel, Jun 12, 2009
  8. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    Like all inkjet manufactures, Epson has been using CHIP protection for
    quite some years now. And the current newer Epson now have 2 CHIPS for
    extra protection.

    But just like life nothing is perfect so YES you still can bypass the
    newer protection technology.
    Joel, Jun 12, 2009
  9. Les Desser

    Joel Guest

    Look here for the new designed of the Epson ink cartridge. I don't know
    it covers the double-chip or not but this is one of some detailed info about
    newer Epson catrigde and copy protection.
    Joel, Jun 13, 2009
  10. Les Desser

    Misifus Guest

    Epson R1900
    Misifus, Jun 14, 2009
  11. Les Desser

    Les Desser Guest

    Thanks for all the input. I will try and find out and report back
    Les Desser, Jun 15, 2009
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