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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Ronald Green, Jan 20, 2006.

  1. Ronald Green

    Ronald Green Guest

    Hi there

    I am new to Digital SLR Photography and require a Digital SLR to take high
    quality photos of static Wooden Statues for display on a website linked to a
    business startup

    I have been looking at the Canon EOS350D

    Would anyone be able to share their own personal experience or recommend a
    Digital SLR?

    Thanks in anticipation

    Ronald Green, Jan 20, 2006
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  2. Ronald Green

    Bernd Steyer Guest

    Why do you require a Digital SLR for that?
    Bernd Steyer, Jan 20, 2006
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  3. Ronald Green

    Beach Bum Guest

    My girlfriend has the 350D/Rebel XT and she loves it. But she has small
    hands. It's really so small that it's hard for me to handle.

    So when it was time for me to buy I bought a 20D. It's practically the same
    camera, but bigger.

    Beach Bum, Jan 20, 2006
  4. Any of them will do a fine job for your application. As would any of
    a huge number of P&S digitals. Lighting and background will make much
    more difference than the choice of camera will.
    David Dyer-Bennet, Jan 20, 2006
  5. Ronald Green

    tomm42 Guest

    The EOS 350D would certainly do a good job, with a decent lens, the
    Canon 60 macro comes to mind. Use the kit lens for family pics. Product
    photography is much more dependent on lighting than which camera you

    tomm42, Jan 20, 2006
  6. Ronald Green

    C J Southern Guest

    The 350D is certainly a great camera, but I guess the first question that
    needs to be asked is "how many photos do you think you'll need to take per
    C J Southern, Jan 20, 2006
  7. Ronald Green

    Frank ess Guest

    Did I miss the answer to these other questions? "How BIG are your
    wooden statues?" "Do you expect to PRINT the photos? at what sizes?"
    "Do you expext to use the camera for other purposes?" "Do you know
    that for the use you describe (Web photos) a dSLR is overkill?" "Has
    anyone mentioned that camera technique will be more important than
    camera equipment?"

    Frank ess
    "I can't sing,
    but I know how to,
    which is quite different."
    -- Noel Coward
    Frank ess, Jan 21, 2006
  8. Ronald Green

    C J Southern Guest

    They may have come next - however most may have been irrelivant if his
    answer to my question was "only a few a year" - in which case I was going to
    suggest that he may want to consider getting someone else to photograph them
    for him.
    C J Southern, Jan 21, 2006
  9. Ronald Green

    John L Rice Guest

    Hi Ron,

    I've been getting into product photography just recently and have a lot to
    learn still. Like others have said, lighting is really important. Look into
    getting two or three good 'soft box' lights or the kind that reflect off of
    umbrella reflectors etc. (lots of indirect light is your friend!) You might
    want to get a couple direct lights and / or flashes too. Also get a really
    sturdy tripod. I got a geared head for mine and I think it makes it easy to
    dial in the right angle. (I have a Bogen/Manfrotto 3030/a tripod with a
    3275 geared head) And look for a camera that has a remote shutter release
    or at least an easy to use timer. Don't forget about background material.
    If these statues are small you could use a light tent bit if they are huge
    you might have to get a back drop stand and material.

    I first started doing some shots just to sell stuff on Ebay. The Sony W-1
    is a great little camera and the quality is plenty good for that use. Since
    I'm never completely satisfied with anything I do I thought I would get some
    better gear (Nikon D70s outfit), especially since I had the opportunity to
    do some product shots of a new line of equipment for a well respected

    Here is a comparison of the same item taken with two different cameras. it's
    not the greatest comparison sine they were taken months apart at different
    angles etc but it might give you something to think about. Also keep in
    mind that they were also probably converted to this size with different
    settings in PaintShop Pro.

    Taken with Sony W-1 point'n'shoot :

    Taken with Nikon D70s with 50mm f/1.8D standard lens :

    Some full size photos taken with the Nikon :

    So far I'm really happy with the Nikon and the lenses I got. I was mainly
    trying to decide between Canon, Nikon and Olympus. Any would of been great
    I'm sure.

    If these statues are something the company sells as a product, I'd say it's
    worth the extra time and expense to get the best and highest resolution
    pictures because at some point brochures and posters may need to be created.
    If they are just pictures to enhance the look and feel of the web sight
    though and are not a product, I'd say just go with a nice point and shoot
    (but still get the good tripod and lighting etc )

    Best of luck!

    John L Rice

    PS - I highly recommend B&H Photo when buying equipment :
    John L Rice, Jan 21, 2006
  10. Ronald Green

    RiceHigh Guest

    When you are looking for a new DSLR, I think you should look at a
    *system* instead of a single body. I think undoubtly the current market
    leaders are Canon and Nikon and both *systems* are worthing a "look".

    Canon system can be sub-divided into Full-frame one and APS-C 1.6X one.
    Nikon system is purely 1.5X.

    If you are a new starter, I think you can't go wrong with either Nikon
    or Canon to build a new system. IMO, Canon FF solution is still quite
    expensive and not mature yet. Thus, the 350D or D50 would be a good
    choice under the two systems of the "Big 2".
    RiceHigh, Jan 21, 2006

  11. Any DSLR will do the job. The canon is a good one, so is the Nikon D50/70 -
    for photos ending up on the web you will not be able to tell the difference
    between any decent point and shoot and the DSLR I guarantee it.
    Steve Franklin, Jan 21, 2006
  12. I agree. Unless you will have people scrutinizing super-mega-high res
    versions of the pictures, the dSLR and a good P&S will not look
    different. You'd have to get pretty advanced in your lighting and
    exposure needs for the dSLR to make any difference here.
    dSLRs stand way above the P&S in many situations, but for you I don't
    think that will the case.

    David Geesaman, Jan 21, 2006
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