Recommendation Wanted for Simple Graphics Ediitor

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by Bob Simon, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. Bob Simon

    Bob Simon Guest

    I have little experience with graphics apps and Photoshop seems like
    one of the most popular programs so I figured I might get a variety of
    good opinions here. If there's a more appropriate newsgroup for my
    questions, please let me know.

    My wife and I just got back from two weeks in Europe and we want to
    make a slide show from our jpg files. Our editing requirements are
    simple: Rotate, crop, enlarge, and save the resulting file. We also
    want to rearrange the display order for the slide show. I have to
    wonder if Photoshop isn't way more program that we need for this.

    I can connect my computer to my big plasma screen for the slide show.
    I have ACDC, which does a pretty good job but I don't know how to
    reorder the slides without going through the hassle of rerumbering the
    files. Another possibility I am aware of is to use Powerpoint to make
    the slideshow and burn it onto a DVD with a runtime engine.

    Should I buy Photoshop (Elements?) for my editing or is there
    something free that has a pretty good user interface? Please advise a
    newbie on some good options.
    Bob Simon, Jun 17, 2008
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  2. Bob Simon

    tony cooper Guest

    For what you want to do there are free programs. You can download the
    FastStone Image Viewer 3.5 at to view,
    rotate, crop, edit, and place your images in a different order.
    Renumbering them so they will always appear that order is very simple.
    You just drag the images to the right order and use Tools>Rename to
    assign new names/numbers to the images. You can view them as a
    slideshow in FastStone. It's a very simple program to get to know.

    Some will recommend Irfanview (also free), but FastStone does more in
    my opinion.

    If you want to put the images up on the web for other family members
    to view, look into JAlbum. (free)
    tony cooper, Jun 17, 2008
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  3. Bob Simon

    KatWoman Guest

    windows Movie maker is free comes with Xp
    if you have DVD burn software usually has a DVD slide show builder mine does
    (Roxio Ez CD or NERO)
    you don't have to PS your files first you can crop & rotate (pan & zoom too)
    each frame in the program
    most vertical photos will need to crop

    after you create the project you can output it as a DVD show

    if you just want to show friends your pictures put pictures in a folder and
    hit slideshow
    you can order images by time taken or date
    or file name etc like all windows

    if you have a good vid card it will have a TV out for you TV monitor
    you could do it with a laptop plugged to a TV
    KatWoman, Jun 17, 2008
  4. Bob Simon

    Bob Simon Guest

    Thanks for the pointer to faststone. I downloaded it and it seems to
    meet my needs quite well.

    One question about this program: after I create a slide show by
    importing all the files in a folder, how do I rearrange the display
    Bob Simon, Jun 18, 2008
  5. Bob Simon

    Bob Simon Guest

    Thanks for the tips about Movie Maker and Nero. Ordering the slide
    show is still a challenge -- Powerpoint may be the best way I've
    found so far to handle this. My 50" plasma monitor has a 15 pin
    connector for PC RGB signals (1024x768).
    Bob Simon, Jun 18, 2008
  6. Bob Simon

    tony cooper Guest

    The way I do it is to set up a new file that will be used just for the
    photos in the slide show. I then drag and drop the images into the
    order that I want. Once they are in the right order, I use
    Tools>Rename Selected Image to number the images 0001, 0002, etc.

    Then you sort by "Filename" (look up at the top right of the tool bar)
    and they will be in the order you've set up. FastStone has an
    annoying habit of opening the file in "Custom Sort" which seems to be
    some random order. If you click the red symbol to the right of the
    sort box, that will permanently close the "Custom Sort" for that
    folder (and only that folder). The default will then be "Filename".

    If you don't want to set up a separate folder, then numbering all the
    files in your image file by date works well. If you use the
    Tools>Rename function, enter 2008-06-18-#### (using the correct day's
    date the photo was taken) and all of the images in the file will be in
    date order. The "-" marks are important. The "####" will renumber as
    "0001" and up for that day's date. You can drag and drop images
    within a day's group before doing this to put them in the order you
    tony cooper, Jun 18, 2008
  7. Bob Simon

    KatWoman Guest

    IF you use those programs the order is very changeable WITHIN the program no
    need to rename or re-order the files before importing them

    each photo will be it's own frame
    you can manipulate each one and the order by dragging the frames, and change
    transitions, add titles, music, narration, etc

    here is an example of a vid I made from pictures from JJ's party
    exported to DVD I have played in on a TV in the DVD machine

    when I upload it, to Photobucket changes the format so it looks a bit ugly
    in compression, on the TV no compression
    KatWoman, Jun 18, 2008
  8. Bob Simon

    KatWoman Guest

    correct link here
    KatWoman, Jun 18, 2008
  9. Bob Simon

    KatWoman Guest

    KatWoman, Jun 18, 2008
  10. look at Microsoft Photo Story 3 for this. It is free and I think does
    everything except burn the DVD.

    And it can burn the DVD with a plug in you can buy for it -- or else just
    save it's output to a movie file and burn it to DVD with Nero or something
    like that.
    Steve Chesney, Jun 18, 2008
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