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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Chris H, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Chris H

    tony cooper Guest

    Evidently, you don't have an Epson. Epson does tell you when the ink
    is starting to run out, but the warning comes up so unrealistically
    that those of us who use Epsons don't pay any attention. We'd be
    throwing away cartridges with one-third of the ink still in them. I
    keep going until the print shows that I need more ink. Wasting one
    sheet of photo paper is a lot cheaper than throwing out a cartridge
    that will make 100 more prints.

    Transparent *would* be good.
    tony cooper, Aug 30, 2008
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  2. Chris H

    Chris H Guest

    In message
    Thanks for the comments.

    Having done some research I have just bought the Canon iP4500 this
    afternoon. Installed OK and tried a test print. So far so good....

    Not going to tempt fate and connect my Nikon (Gods Own Camera :) to a
    Canon printer lest one or the other disappears in a puff of smoke or I
    am immediately barred from Nikonians :))))
    Chris H, Aug 30, 2008
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  3. Chris H

    Chris H Guest


    My HP K850 has a very good system you get warnings but also a percentage
    and a visual "thermometer" I have run mine past 0% but as soon as I
    put a new cartridge in it went to 98% . So clearly I was using the ink
    "in the pipes" now I changes them at 0-1%

    Nice visual picture for the Canon iP4500 but as the are all full I have
    no idea how the low level warnings will work.
    Chris H, Aug 30, 2008
  4. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Hmmm you repeat what I said but against what you agree!
    I don't think I said it's bad except I said it isn't necessary cuz now

    - Many if not most has separated INK cartridges

    - The printer should come with a TSR (Terminate Stay Resident to avoid
    another fight) to display the ink level of each individual ink.

    This's not part of the of the original printer, but there is a CLEAR
    (transparent) refillable ink cartridge with auto-reset and check etc..
    available for most printers. No, I don't have any of these refillable ink
    cartridge, but I know its existing because I never stop learning <bg>
    Joel, Aug 30, 2008
  5. Chris H

    Cats Guest

    If you don't trust a set of reviews in a respected UK Magazine how on
    earth can you trust the ink levels given by the printer software,
    given the magazine is only selling itself and not printers / PCs /
    cameras etc., and the maker of the printer is also selling ink? Since
    the carts for this Canon are clear, one can see how accurate the
    levels from the printers' software are.
    Cats, Aug 30, 2008
  6. Chris H

    Cats Guest


    PS if you don't trust reviews in a respected magazine, I presume you
    don't trust anything you read on the Internet, especially in Usenet.
    Most of us are equally suspicious, so we trust almost nothing we read
    here especially when the author can't or won't back up their comments
    in any way.
    Cats, Aug 30, 2008
  7. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    I don't trust COMMERCIAL review because they are paid to say good thing
    about the product they being paid to advertise. I don't know what it has to
    do with the ink level software which comes with the printer which is part of
    the printer no matter if you trust or don't trust, or you will have to live
    with it.

    And as I have mentioned clear is a bonus but not a must, and you do not
    want to remove the cartridge to check the ink level everytime you need some
    trust. And I also have gone a little further to mention that there are 3rd
    party CLEAR refillable ink cartridge for many printer manufactures, it's not
    only TRANSPARENT, it's also bypass the chip protection, it also have no foam
    so you can even have 3-4 times more ink etc..

    IOW, anything better is a bonus but not the must have as we have easily
    survived through many generations of printer without the need of seeing
    through cartridge.

    And back to the main question "If you don't trust a set of reviews in a
    respected UK Magazine.." because life is lot more than the respected UK
    Magazine which I have never seen to know if it gets my respect or not, but I
    can tell you that when you know you printer and share you own experience
    with us then you own my respect. See, I don't need UK Magazine as you can
    get plenty of respect if you provide the true information.
    Joel, Aug 30, 2008
  8. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    No need to PS because if you just need to spare just a SECOND to THINK
    about it then you will figure out that you do not need UK Magazine to trust
    internet. *IF* you learn what to trust what to leave with a question-mark,
    and what not to trust.

    Me? I trust you are talking from your mind or your heart, but I don't
    trust your statement. IOW, I have nothing to against what you think (even
    if it's wrong), but I do not have to think the same thing you think.

    And I trust lot of things that's why I spend lot of hours reading just
    about any type of information (you name it politic, photography, graphic,
    camera of many types, life, lie and on and on and on..) to learn what I can
    and can't trust.
    Joel, Aug 30, 2008
  9. Chris H

    Cats Guest

    about the product they being paid to advertise.I you took the trouble to read the reviews online instead of blast the
    magazine unread, you would work out that either some makers are not
    paying them enough, or they are independent. It's a magazine that has
    plenty of reviews that are less than enthusiastic about the products,
    and in the same group test different (but similar) products from the
    same maker can get very different reviews.

    Adverts they are paid to publish - but IMHO their reviews are *their*
    reviews, not what the advertiser would like them to publish.

    The OP lives in the UIK as his signature makes clear, along with his
    mention of A4 paper size. But, how do we know who provides 'true
    information'? We don't. People with the product don't give clear
    reviews as a quick look through all the customer reviews on online
    retailers shows - most of them boil down to 'great' or 'rubbish'. In
    short they are in the same bucket as the vast majority of 'critiques'
    on Flickr - they are shallow in the extreme.

    At least the magazine (which is available on-line so you too can read
    it - makes it's methodology clear, and tests more
    printers at one go than I am likely to own in my lifetime. I can also
    read it's reviews of hardware and software I have personal experience
    of and compare them, to see how subjective it appears to be.
    Cats, Aug 31, 2008
  10. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Hmmm for my 71 years on this earth I have never seen UK PC Magazine to say
    I blast this or that, especially this is the first time in my 71 years to
    hear the name.
    I am talking about the GENERAL of what most if not all computer magazines
    have been doing since the birth of them.

    - Most if not all reviews are months to year behind current. Yes, most of
    them sounds may like the coming or current but often at least 4-6+ months

    - Most if not all reviews are often good for general information, or they
    may be aiming at business not detailed information and for home buyers. And
    I am talking about the ones with some experience not the one easy to

    - Even with some comparison, they usually still not good enough for home
    buyers. That's why computer magazine is no longer populat like used to,
    because most users are much smarter to the degree that most offices don't
    even have computer magazine in the waiting room.

    - And if you take a deep breath to have some oxygen to your brain to think
    about it, then you may have realize that ANY SINGLE review/opinion is a
    Personal Opinion. So I am not only don't often give total trust on any
    commercial review, but I don't even give 100% trust on any book because they
    are Personal Opinion.

    - Same with Thousands of Millions of End Users' Feedbacks, I read thousands
    for more detail, then pay attention to the ones make more sense to come up
    with one or few makes most sense.
    You have the right to believe whatever you think or want to believe.
    It doesn't matter where you or the OP live, nobody can force you to
    believe what you don't want to believe. Or if you trully believe in the UK
    PC Computer then it's good for you as it would save you thousands of hours
    looking for good information from internet that you won't trust, or you may
    not need to ask for any question here either.
    Honey! I don't read any online article, but I am guessing if they have the
    article available online then it's even older or less value than what they
    may print on their magazine.

    Yup! same One Man Opinion *plus* older information when you can get much
    newer and more detail information directly from end users like YOURSELF.
    Joel, Aug 31, 2008
  11. Chris H

    Cats Guest

    Maybe you should. If you don't I suggest you stop passing comment on

    Since say you haven't read the magazine or website (and I believe you)
    you can have no idea if that particular magazine (PC Pro, not PC
    Computer) is reviewing new or old equipment, or if the reviews are
    worth reading. The website runs a month behind the magazine, so it's
    not that much behind.
    Cats, Aug 31, 2008
  12. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    May be but at the moment I don't see it's necessary.
    Now! I think you may need to swallow back some of your words. I don't
    read online magazine but as I have mentioned I spend hundreds of hours
    monthly to read lot of information on web forum, and Usenet which I have
    been doing daily in the past 3 decades.

    And as I have mention it's often that most if not all reviews of current
    month is usually few months behind current, so online (or website is what
    you say) should be 1-2 extra months behind.

    And either having too much free time or hungry for knowledge to show off,
    many of us sometime trying to get information *before* the product official
    release to public... or we read some leaked information.

    IOW, for example, if you want to know more about the printer or system,
    then all you need to go is dragging your soul to some site like (not the must but an example) then you should be able to read
    plenty of end users' feedbacks on specific item. And there should be
    hundreds or thousands of others on internet.
    Joel, Aug 31, 2008
  13. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Honey! it's for you to decide!
    Joel, Aug 31, 2008
  14. Chris H

    Vagabond Guest

    You've been using WEB forums and reading Usenet daily for the past three

    Tell me, why don't I believe you?

    Vagabond, Sep 1, 2008
  15. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Vagabond <""no_one\"@
    You? it's very easy because you are bitter person and you want to get
    even. I don't think it requires any thinking, and it ain't surprised me why
    you can't figure it out.

    And the other reason that you you just grow up lately to realize that
    Usenet has been around much longer than Internet.
    Joel, Sep 1, 2008
  16. Chris H

    Cats Guest

    I have read some of the reviews on Newegg, and they suffer from being
    end-users views only - no testing methodology, no comparison of
    product X with product Y, and a great many of them are shallow. 'This
    is a great motherboard' - but no mention of why the reviewer thinks
    that. Do you honestly think that sort of review should carry any
    Cats, Sep 1, 2008
  17. Chris H

    Chris H Guest

    No you are only talking about the few magazines that you know of in your
    location. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing,.
    Chris H, Sep 1, 2008
  18. Chris H

    Peter Guest

    I am in the market for a new printer and am seriously thinking of the Epson
    2880. but, have not ruled out another printer. While I understand your
    printer is not a wide format, I was wondering if you have seen any fair
    comparisons of relative archival ink costs for the different printers.
    Media Street is a third party producer of archival inks, but they no longer
    supply them for the Epson printers.
    Peter, Sep 1, 2008
  19. Chris H

    tony cooper Guest

    I follow the Photoshop newsgroups as well as the photography
    newsgroups. I have yet to see a person who has tried third-party
    replacements for Epson ink say that they are satisfied with the

    When it comes to reviews of products, users of the product who depend
    on the product for their livelihood carry great weight with me. Six
    good reviews from any magazine or online source is offset by one bad
    review from a user who depends on the product for his/her income.
    tony cooper, Sep 1, 2008
  20. Chris H

    tony cooper Guest

    I have no idea of what you have written above means. I am agreeing
    that Epson has an ink measuring system, but I am stating that it is
    totally unreliable.

    The Epson printer I'm referring to has four separate ink cartridges.
    The measurement indicator on each of the four is totally unreliable.

    The transparent cartridge would be good because I could see the level
    remaining instead of relying on the totally unreliable pop-up
    indicator or waiting for a print to show the need for the particular
    tony cooper, Sep 1, 2008
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