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Discussion in 'Photography' started by Chris H, Aug 24, 2008.

  1. Chris H

    Chris H Guest

    Not according to the document I have .

    My mistake on the dates it was 9-15th September 1973
    Chris H, Sep 3, 2008
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  2. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Thanks! I have stopped drinking coffee ages ago (15-16 years ago? for
    ages after so many health problems I have to learn not to remember) after my
    first minor heart-attacked when my heart no longer strong enough to consume
    caffeine. Before that I hardly knew what water is besides using to make
    coffee, or besides when I was at some place with no coffee available then I
    drank other liquid else I drank coffee all day (at home I drank several cups
    at a time, and 1-2 cups when at work)

    Here is some thing for you to think about. Yes, 3 decades is 30 years,
    and just like about everything in our life thing usually exist before we put
    to public, before we learn to do some research etc..

    IOW, Usenet may official announced in 1979 which is a hair short of 30
    years, but if you have some thought about it in the past few days then you
    should have learned that it may have already existed few years before the
    announcement. Or before you did the research you may not know it has been
    here for at least more than 29 years (I am not trying to say more than 29 is
    30, but may be 29-1/4, 29-1/2, 29-3/4 etc..).

    Hey! that's what we need to learn and I am very sure that our brains
    should be able to learn all those *if* we allow it to do its job. And
    thanks for the coffee.
    Joel, Sep 3, 2008
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  3. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Hahahaha I am sounding like UK Computer Pro, ain't I? It's sad but I guess
    it's life.
    Joel, Sep 3, 2008
  4. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Me? I started computing and because computer language was and still is lot
    easier than English so I learned programming, and I was able to write some
    small program for my persoanl use before I can write a short line in
    English. And I guess if illness didn't visit me then I may be making or
    living in good income off my programming (???).

    Also, I mentioned that no offline reading because there was no offline
    option available, but I did not only read offline but also captured source
    code offline. Just incase we may have to waste sometime fighting over the
    issue, I can give some information of the old trick I used.

    - Because there was lot of Line Noise (phone line) and the max usable modem
    speed was only around 75-110baud, and phone company charged around 30-40
    cents/min. It was a very expensive toy then

    - There was no file transferring protocol, then later ASCII protocol, then
    later X-Modem and so on. So there wasn't any option to transfer Binary like
    we do these days.

    - And because the modem transferring speed was so slow, computer and writing
    (if available) were too slow to keep up with the slow modem speed which can
    slow down the modem speed. Or BUFFER was the option we had to capture the
    incoming data (text message and source code) either for offline reading or
    saving to floppy etc..

    And I was heavily hooked on computing (later besides long distance phone,
    I even paid CompuServe $16-18/hr for the service) that when extented and
    expanded memory were available, I spent around $2,000 for 2M of memory (I
    even had to get from Hong Kong to save some bucks) for bigger and faster
    buffer to capture the incoming data to save expensive long distance phone
    bill and CompuServe charge.

    - And not all programs (source codes) you just save to floppy and they will
    be executed, but some you have to compile, and some won't accept TEXT
    format. Yup! some required you to actual TYPE in one line at a time, and it
    wasn't wasy to type hundreds or thousand of computer language lines
    (especially a single typo can crash the program) etc.. So I wrote a small
    program to read and allowing me to manually add the Linefeed <CR> or <ENTER>
    to the end of each line which was much better, faster than typing. It took
    me awhile to figure out how to read and added <CR> to the end of line

    Well, I was so happy with life, I was in heaven because it was so much to
    learn, to enjoy, I was much younger and my brain was much sharper. Then
    1986 illness striked me hard that put me out of work (I was working for one
    of the biggest computer companies in the world, making $17.xx/hr double on
    Sunday, triple on holiday to pay for long distance phone bill ... while many
    Americans were making $1.xx minimum wage, and gas price was around 17-18
    cents per gallon <bg>), no computing, but fighting for my life.
    Joel, Sep 3, 2008
  5. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Well, to me it doesn't matter how long we start, but how much we want to
    learn and the technique of learning. Me? I have been reading lot and lot
    and lot to learn from many kids could be younger than my grandkids.

    Hehehe you have been seeing the example everytime you read or response to
    my message but you haven't figured it out yet hehehe.. or comparing to
    English speaking person, I have been not only studying much harder, but
    longer than most English speaking person because I have been studying DAILY
    for over 4 decades. And it's pretty strange that my English isn't getting
    better but it's getting worse and worse (I don't know if it's because of my
    ages, my illness, or learning too much from modeming?), cuz in 80's I was
    one of the HOSTs of an international network (it started in USA only then
    later spreaded to others countries in the world) which I had to answer and
    helped many people questions/problems in English ... now I have to fight
    trying not to forget many words I have learned but haven't used in years
    (some even decades).

    Hehehe it's pretty funny (to me too) as I was near death several times,
    and each time when it happened I still can understand English, but every
    word came out of my mouth was my native language. And of course the doctors
    needed a translator .. yup! I did realize but I just can't help it, or I
    was thinking in English but I can't control the word came out of my mouth.

    So I guess life may be very simple but can be very complicate, and
    something we may need to have our very own experience to enjoy life a little
    more, to have something wonderful to share with other rather than spreading
    one man opinion from one person to other <bg.
    Joel, Sep 3, 2008
  6. Chris H

    Joel Guest

    Well, noth so long ago we were kidding each other saying we wish car can
    run with water, and lately water (bottle) has become pretty expensive and I
    think it was more expensive than gas at some point. I don't keep track of
    gas and water-bottle but sometime I pay $1-1.50 for 16oz bottle, and I have
    stopped drinking beer for little over 2 decades to pay much attention to the
    price, but I read some bars with the ads says "Beer is cheaper than Gas" (I
    just saw it again somewhere locally few days ago).
    Joel, Sep 3, 2008
  7. Chris H

    Guest Guest

    Yes we do call it A4 because that's what it's called.
    Guest, Oct 31, 2008
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