Recording 10 Shows at Once

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by BrianEWilliams, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. For a long time, I have wanted the ability to record lots of different
    things at once. Not sure if I actually wanted to spend the money to do
    this, but it's nice to see that the price point has come down to a
    reasonable level. Snapstream claims this box can be built for well
    under $2k, and it will record 10 different shows at once:

    Lots of times I hear about interesting things that happened on TV only
    after the fact. With the Hydra, you'd have a decent chance to have
    recorded it.
    BrianEWilliams, Feb 10, 2005
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  2. I think the hardest part would be finding 10 sources to record from. If
    you split your cable 10 ways, something has got to give :)
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 10, 2005
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  3. Not a problem, but if they will be interesting sources I dunno.
    I am recording full satellite transponder, for example BBC1, 2, 3, 4, ITV3,
    plus some other stuff, all at the same time, in digital mpeg2.
    Takes only a PC and a 50 Euro (70 $) PCI card.
    And a LOT of diskspace.
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 11, 2005
  4. Well for me, besides the Hauppague cards, it would take ten $200
    satelite receiver boxes, 5 $50 dishes, ten $50 Actisys IR200Ls, and ten
    $50/mo subscriptions to the satelite service if I wanted to do it
    legally :) I'm guessing you are pulling that off of FTA DVB? What card
    are you using? I want to get a second card going on FTA soon, might
    have to upgrade the Duron 1.6 though if I want to take in all that :)
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 11, 2005
  5. No need to upgrade Duron 1.6, I do it on a Durion 950 MHz.
    It is also running the webserver etc...
    Yes, I am in Europe (dunno where you are) and there are LOTS of FTA satellite
    These BBC programs comes from the Astra2 satellite:

    Astra 2D (28.2E) - 10773.00 H - DVB/MPEG2 - 22000 5/6
    BBC One England United Kingdom General Clear
    BBC Two England United Kingdom General Clear
    BBC News 24 United Kingdom News Clear
    BBC Four 20h-4h United Kingdom Cultural Clear
    CBBC 8h-20h United Kingdom Children Clear
    CBeebies 7h-20h United Kingdom Children Clear
    BBC Three 20h-5h United Kingdom General Clear
    BBC One Northern Ireland United Kingdom General Clear

    'Clear' means not encrypted
    Have a look at
    or for the whole world at
    for what you can get FTA with a sat dish.
    I have a motorized dish (positioner) so can steer to a lot of sats.
    I remember when cable came here (late) my neigbours asked
    'why do you not get cable?'
    Told them about freedom of choice and amount of money you can save with a sat dish.
    Now say 5 years later I have saved hundreds I think...
    And a lot more programs then on the cable, more reliable too.
    Give or take a heavy thunderstorm, that can still kill the signal.
    Best is that there is no 'censoring', you can view any country / station you
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 11, 2005
  6. Thanks for the info, do you get snow and cold weather where you are?
    That is my only concern, how the motorized dish handles -20C
    temperatures. I'll probably get a Hauppage Nexus card but I'm not sure
    what I'm going to do for a dish.
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 11, 2005
  7. On a sunny day (Fri, 11 Feb 2005 16:22:52 GMT) it happened Chris Phillipo
    Well due to climate change it has not been -20 for some years, yes, but we
    had -30 I remember, it can get bloody hot too.
    The nexus is the one with mpeg2 decoder chip build in, this is what you want
    perhaps if you want to use composite out of high quality.
    However the nexus is NOT good at recording transponder transport stream,
    it sort of reconstructs that, and will make it difficult to record also
    the ECM EMM streams that are required if you wanted to LATER decrypt an
    encrypted transmission, and is limited in the Linux driver to 8 PIDS,
    say 4 programs (and likely in windows too, but not sure).
    Also, I have a SkyStar1, first one, Nexus is the same card IIRC, made by
    Technotrend, and I took it out, because 2 cards is nice, but that thing gets
    so incredibly hot that I added a third fan for it, the wintv nova I use now
    is cool.
    But the nova has no TV or composite out, so great for recording, but not for
    connecting to a TV set.
    Only way you can do TV is via the composite or s-video out of the graphics
    All is relative, if you really want you can get a projector on the RGB D
    connector to the PC...
    As for the Nova, I am under the impression it cannot deliver enough power
    for the dish motor, have not tested with the SkyStar1.
    I have plans to design a small external supply to connect in the coax
    to the LNB / positioner.
    For now I have solved the problem (sort of) by adding some 'retry' routines
    in the software (see xdipo program on my page ).
    A bigger problem with the dish is the extra windload, I am on the coast, and
    tomorrow it will for example be force 9 again.
    It may draw simply too much current with havy windload, and not move (or only
    in wind direction), the PCI card will current limit.
    So, YMMV
    So far I have always been able to steer it to the sat I wanted...
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 11, 2005
  8. Well my PVR box is setup that way anway so no problem. I'm using
    SageTV, right now DVB support is only though user plugins and I'm not
    sure what cards are supported but I think the Nexus card is one of them,
    I've been holding off until Frey announces what card(s) they will
    official support.
    The Nova card oyu have, is this the same as the Hauppage WinTV-Nova-S or
    is it something completely different?

    Hauppages site is skimpy on the details, no mention on if their cars
    with with a motor.
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 11, 2005
  9. This looks like the one, although I have seen it specified at 45 Mbps.
    I bought mine in Germany, from
    I do not see the nova on their site anymore, maybe I bought the last one ;-)
    But the site wil give you lost of info about the other DVB cards...
    I do not know a lot about the MS windows soft available, only about the Linux.
    Have this tendency to write stuff myself..

    Yep, this is where this forum can save you from buying the wrong stuff.
    Other peoples experiences.

    You are in Nova Scotia? Just looked up the latitude, about 44 degrees.
    At least you will be able to point to a sat from there.
    Higher then 80 degrees and these will be below the horizon.
    The mountains may still be an obstacle though.
    At 58 degrees west of Greenwich, Astra2 is below horizon for you )-:
    Astra1 is 1 degree above horizon, Hotbird sats are 5 degrees.
    All approximate values.
    That is really very low, nothing should be in the way....
    Then there is the 'footprint' for what I know these sats do not beam to
    that area?
    Here is a satellite calculator:
    For more satellites see:
    Select an area, thse are some dsat I see, but I dunno these.
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 11, 2005
  10. Front what I read I won't be able to receive from much in europe, which
    is fine, because I only speak english anyway :) Places selling this
    gear are starting to pop up in Canada so maybe someone else will have
    the best solution all worked out by the time I am ready to buy :)
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 12, 2005
  11. On a sunny day (Sat, 12 Feb 2005 15:35:05 GMT) it happened Chris Phillipo
    maybe it escaped you, but in the UK they also speak a sort of English.
    Indeed maybe its not part of Europe, as it is sort of separated by water.

    Yes of cause, best ask the local guys with a dish what they can get.

    Storm is here now, was up a tree here to cut branches (reduce wind load),
    so as to prevent it from falling on neigbours stuff.
    Have you ever tied up a tree? Got blown of the ladder almost.
    Now with less branches in the top I hope it will hold in these cables until
    wind goes down a bit so I can cut it and it falls *predictably*.
    The dish was vibrating like a whistle, resonance...
    Climate change has moved the jetstream more this way I'v heard.
    No time for computer....
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 12, 2005

  12. The wind droped a tree on my car in November and took out allt he other
    weak trees in my yard also so natural selection has made my little
    forest stronger :) My current fixed dish is mounted on the house and
    doens't move at all but I think in order to point a DVB dish the right
    way if is going to be nescessary to dig a big hole and cement a post
    into the ground out in the yard. I hope all this will be worth it :)
    Chris Phillipo, Feb 12, 2005
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