Recording DVD from S-Video Out from hp Pavilion ZE5468

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Gerald Newton, Jul 1, 2003.

  1. I have found out how to get the S-Video to send the DVD to the S-Video Port
    through the VCR and onto the TV. For those that want to do this, plug a 4
    pin s-video cable into the s-video out use an s-video to RCA adapter from
    Radio Shack ($19) to get the s-video into the VCR input if you don't have
    S-video on the VCR, turn on your laptop, go to control panel, display,
    settings, advanced, displays, click on TV panel and panel buttons until
    Panel has the small zero button highlighted and TV has the window button
    highlighted. Insert DVD and play, the laptop screen will go black, but the
    DVD will go to the TV. Use your mouse on the TV screen to play the DVD.
    Now the down side, the VCR will not record the movie without a lot of
    garbage from the DVD movie encryption. So go to and order the
    gadget S-Video/DVD to VCR box for $54 and feed the S-Video through this and
    it will remove the encryption for recording.

    Incidentally, I called the hp people and after a long computer assisted
    answered finally got a real person who told me the DVD outputs could not go
    to a TV through the S-Video Out on hp laptops which is not true.
    Gerald Newton, Jul 1, 2003
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