Recording multple programs at once from satellite in Linux, a simple program.

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jan Panteltje, Feb 1, 2005.

  1. I dunno how many applications are out there now that
    can record full transponder streams from digital satellite,
    or parts thereof.
    So anyways, I wrote an other one:

    Who would record all this at the same time?
    Astra 2D (28.2E) - 10773.00 H - DVB/MPEG2 - 22000 5/6 - NID: 2 - TID: 2045 - Txp: 45 - Beam: Astra 2D -
    BBC One England
    BBC Two England
    BBC News 24
    BBC Four 20h-4h United Kingdom Cultural
    BBC 8h-20h United Kingdom Children
    Beebies 7h-20h United Kingdom
    BBC Three 20h-5h United Kingdom
    BBC One Northern Ireland
    Plus these have teletext, and subtitle channels, other transport stream
    At 4500 kbps x 8 = 4.5MB / sec (about 16 GB / hour?).
    36 Mbits / second...

    LOL I did not watch all of it...

    But xdipo can do it!
    And the interesting thing is that it will move your motorized dish,
    has unlimited record timers, and a GUI as well as a script mode.
    You can pipe its output directly into mplayer or xine too.
    Or run it from crontab.
    Use it to record broadcasts with all audio (be it mp2 or AC3 whatever),
    so later when playing back you can select a language or teletext or
    subtitle, or even decrypt it if you have the soft for that.
    xdipo does all that with a 50 Euro wintv nova PCI card.
    And it logs bit errors with time stamp, so you KNOW a file is OK (or where to
    look to fix it).

    This for example is a script mode, it will move the dish to 19 East,
    wait 10 seconds for that to happen, tune to a transponder, and record it,
    while logging any errors.

    xdipo \
    -l /video/bit_errors.txt \
    -g "19.0 E" \
    -c 10 \
    -a "8192" \
    -o \
    -f 12092 \
    -p h \
    -s 27500 \
    If you want the GUI, leave out the '-o', or just type 'xdipo'.
    Jan Panteltje, Feb 1, 2005
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  2. lots of browsing to be done, shame I dont yet have a TV!


    Serious error.
    All shortcuts have disappeared.
    Screen. Mind. Both are blank.
    martin griffith, Feb 1, 2005
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  3. Jan Panteltje

    panteltje Guest

    Neither do I, but I can hear what is on from the sound of my harddisk.
    panteltje, Feb 1, 2005
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