Recovering Deleted Photos

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by David Littlewood, Aug 20, 2006.

  1. My mother has accidentally deleted all her holiday photos from the card.
    I told her not to panic, leave the card untouched and I would sort it
    out when I see her next week.

    I have a SanDisk Rescue Pro 1.0 disc. This seems to work well on jpegs,
    so I should be able to sort out my mother's deleted jpegs.

    However, I noticed when trying it out on one of my wiped cards (wiped
    deliberately, I should add!) which had been used for RAW images on my
    5D, that it recovered them as files with a .TIF extension. These files
    were unviewable with Adobe Camera Raw and with Canon's File Viewer
    utility, even when I re-named them with the correct .CRW extension.
    Oddly, I could see them and open them in Canon's (utterly foul)
    ZoomBrowser, but not convert them to anything else; all attempts to do
    so made it crash.

    Two questions:

    (1) Does anyone have any recommendations for a better recovery utility
    than Rescue Pro? - preferably free!

    (2) Does anyone have any idea why Rescue Pro 1.0 won't handle the 5D
    ..CRW files correctly - is it that it pre-dates the 5D, and if so will a
    later version work?

    David Littlewood, Aug 20, 2006
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  2. Thanks Bill. Worth a try but ... the files on the test card were all RAW
    only, about 130+, Rescue Pro found about the right number but marked
    them all as tiffs. I could see the images in ZoomBrowser, as I said, but
    could not convert them. Nothing else (PS CS2, Canon FileViewer 1.3)
    could even see the images, though it knew they were there.

    David Littlewood, Aug 20, 2006
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  3. The files stored on a card are stored simply as a DOS file. Why not just use
    a DOS file recovery program.

    I think the specialized software you bought is trying to be too smart and is
    trying to recover the images in specific formats.

    Most RAW formats in fact look like TIFF inside the file, so the fact that
    you ended up with TIFF looks about right.
    Richard Tomkins, Aug 21, 2006
  4. Ah, now I get you - yes, I can check the file size, I had already
    downloaded them, this was only a test! The raw files are 13-15Mb, the
    default limit on Rescue Pro was 5.something Mb, so you could be right.
    Will check it out when I get home.

    Many thanks, Bill.

    David Littlewood, Aug 21, 2006
  5. Richard,

    Not sure I have a DOS file recovery program any more. Always used to
    have one, but as Windows got more incomprehensible I guess I just gave
    up! Guess I should have one for general use anyway.

    You could be right about the TIFF bit though.


    David Littlewood, Aug 21, 2006
  6. Well, free in the sense that I had one from buying a SanDisc card last
    year :)
    Hm, I did wonder. Also, may matter that I re-labelled them as .CRW
    instead of .CR2 as I should have. Will try it when I get home.


    David Littlewood, Aug 21, 2006
  7. David Littlewood

    ColinD Guest

    Try PC Inspector File Recovery, free at

    There are actually two programs, PCI File Recovery and PCI Smart
    Recovery, which is the later one. Both are free, and both work on cards
    from my 300D RAW shots.

    Colin D.
    ColinD, Aug 21, 2006
  8. Thanks, Colin. It looks like a trial version for which you have to pay
    to continue using. Is this right? Does the trial actually let you save
    any recovered files?

    David Littlewood, Aug 26, 2006
  9. David Littlewood

    ColinD Guest

    No, its freeware with a request for donations if you want. Yes, the
    download is the full version, does allow saving.

    The interface is not too intuitive, but it works. I have used it on
    both hard drives and flash cards with success.

    Colin D.
    ColinD, Aug 27, 2006
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