Recovering lost files AGAIN!

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by dperez, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. dperez

    dperez Guest

    OK, I"ve got 4 cheap microdrives... The sensitive, unreliable, prone to failure
    microdrives... That have worked perfectly for 60,000 images.....

    And, I've got one of the awesome, never have a problem, reliable, damn near
    perfect Lexar 1G cf cards. Which of course cost better than twice what the
    microdrives did.......

    Anybody wanna gues which one failed? Yup, the Lexar...

    Full card, utter giberish. And, like so many others, when I bought the card I
    didn't realize the Lexar software was ON the card...

    So, I've tried a bunch of programs for recovering files from CF cards, and so
    far nothing's worked... The files aren't deleted apparently, they're just
    scrambled... I presume the FAT table is corrupted or something similar...

    I've tried chkdsk and it doesn't appear to have done anything... Just on the
    off-chance that the Lexar software actually would work, is there a way to get
    the Lexar software without having to pay these bloodsuckers any more money?
    dperez, Feb 6, 2005
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  2. dperez

    dperez Guest

    Did you even try lexars site before asking? apparently not.
    Thank you for your assessment of my search for information prior to posting
    here... Its always refreshing to have "people" make such judgements.

    Oddly enough I DID try lexar's site... So what precisely are you referencing at
    the bottom of the page? The Image Rescue update that only works if you already
    have a version - WHICH I DON'T, or the version for the Mac, which does me
    absolutly no good on a Windows machine? So, given the tenor of your post, I
    presume you'll be able to point me something that's actually useful?

    And, of course, thank you for the stock tip...

    It appears that chkdsk changed the original giberish into its own brand of
    garbage... I've been in with a hex editor, and the raw files are still there,
    each started by FUJIFILMCCD-RAW, just like a valid one. Unfortunately,
    extracting a complete file and saving it as a raw doesn't enable either PS or
    the Fuji software to read it. I presume there's something in there that tells
    PS its not a valid raw file...

    I've sent a note to Lexar support and am awaiting their response.
    dperez, Feb 6, 2005
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  3. dperez

    Steven Guest

    I believe you can download the software from the site and try it. Even
    when it came on the card it is only for a 30 day free trail anyway.
    But if you do a goggle search there are bound to be free recovery
    software somewhere you mite get.
    Steven, Feb 6, 2005
  4. dperez

    Colin D Guest

    Try this:


    PS: valid site despite the name
    Colin D, Feb 7, 2005
  5. dperez

    JPS Guest

    I used it once, and it could not find the RAW files, just the worthless
    little TIFFs inside of them. I don't like this software it all; it does
    not seem to recover files; it seems to only recovers *images*; images
    that it recognizes.
    JPS, Feb 8, 2005
  6. dperez

    dperez Guest

    Back from hanging about the beautiful, frozen, tundra-like north country in
    Minnesota... Where it was neither frozen nor tundra-like.

    I got the software from Lexar and gave it a try. Along with at least a DOZEN
    other free or testable products that were guaranteed to recover the lost
    files... Unsuccessfully......

    Finally, I tried the PhotoRescue software from data rescue... Retrieved 75 of
    the 77 images. The thing costs $30, which is about what the tons of stuff that
    couldn't recover the images cost - some significantly more... And its a lot
    better than the Lexar software since it'll work on anybody's storage card...
    dperez, Feb 14, 2005
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