Red Spot on Nikon D70 pics at ISO 1600

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by babsbini, Jun 5, 2006.

  1. babsbini

    babsbini Guest

    I normally take pics at FINE JPEG setting, LARGE size. Recently, I
    noticed that when I take pics at ISO 1600, there was a red spot with
    white center; the spot was almost circular about 2-3 mm diameter. It
    was placed at about 1/6th of the total length from the left and 1/4th
    of the total height from the top. It was consistently at the same
    location in all pics taken at ISO 1600. From this spot runs a straight
    vertical red line 1 pixel wide all the way to the bottom of the pic.
    Its almost like the pic bleeds from this spot. This spot and line is
    evident in pics that have a dark background.
    Has anyone seen anything similar? Any suggested "cures" for it apart
    from editing it in an image-editor?
    babsbini, Jun 5, 2006
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  2. babsbini

    Pete Guest

    sounds very much like a burnt sensor to me, or just a faulty chip.
    either way, i'd reckon it's pretty fatal.

    seen the exact same thing happen twice before. once it was a faulty sony
    chip (from memory the D70 uses sony as well...hmmm far too
    coincidental), the second time user-error (had to replace a chip after a
    colleague accidentally directed a pulsed laser into a camera). both
    cases had the same symptoms as you describe.

    bit unusual you only notice it at high ISO settings...but that is
    probably just something to do with the chip is read.

    if it's not noticeable at different ISO, then carry-on. if you really
    need ISO 1600 look at getting a new sensor.

    is it still under warranty? unless you've been playing with high-powered
    laser, should be a warranty item.

    then again, i could be completely wrong and there may be a simple fix.

    good luck.
    Pete, Jun 6, 2006
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