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    With the past of the film era, negative film fans are facing a tough problem. Although the film is still the film, it can't be converted to jpeg format very well, which negative film works cannon appear on Twitter or Instagram. This problem is not simple like "Canon OR Nikon", because the effect of these two kinds of film digitalization are really different. Now, let’s have a look where their difference is.

    1. Fuji SP3000


    Film printing store often used this machine. The commercial-grade fast scanning, stable quality, and scanning quality spiked the 3 million-pixel card digital camera (portable digital camera) of that era. But it is now 2018, can it still useful, we will wait and see. By the way the scan resolution 2701*3956.

    2. My own Epson V330


    When it comes to film digitalization, the top-notch brand of film scanning can not be ignored. Compared with other more expensive models, the v330 is still unable to scan 120-format film. But today we talk about 135 negative film, the maximum resolution of135 film sweep is 11519 * 17706. This is absolutely high pixel, which spike all DSLR currently on sale.

    3. GX film duplicator from Amazon


    Actually, camera plus macro lens to remake film is nothing new. This remake approach was originally from some unknown website. The reason of this idea appears is that several remake machines currently on the market are either price-poor or not very easy to use.

    Surprisingly, this stuff has actually supported the wide format 135 and 6X4.5cm 120 format film digitalization, which is definitely worth it. With the Nikon D800, the maximum resolution of 4912*7360. If you don't have enough pixels, you can of course use Sony's A7R2 or even Canon 5Ds.

    Well, after introducing the equipment used for the test, the following is the official evaluation part:

    The first two pictures are remade by GX film duplicator, then Epson V330 and Fuji SP3000.


    This is their original picture, it is obvious that the scans of Epson V330 is a little dark, I adjusted the exposure value slightly.


    After reading this comparison, you may have questions. The resolution of v330 is the highest, isn’t it? Why does it look so vague? I also carefully compared it. In fact, the main problem is that the focus of the scanner is actually on the glass plate, and the clip is significantly higher than the glass plate, which results to defocusing. So the accurate focus is the key point of remake process.

    For a serious photographer, the pixel or resolution does not represents all. Let's compare other aspects next.


    Generally, negative film has 8 levels, even 10 levels of tolerance. Unfortunately, scanner always ignore this feature of the film, maybe the manufacturer thinks that the high contrast is better.

    Anyway, for a photographer with high requirements, it is very necessary to control all the parameters. Manufacturers fancy various presets... Few adjustable parameters... That is Polaroid.
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    Yanchengxu, Aug 3, 2018
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