Remove waving guy, what software should I use?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by film_fan_1, Aug 4, 2005.

  1. film_fan_1

    film_fan_1 Guest

    There is a scene in my movie where there are two actors talking and in
    the background a man waving at the camera is seen, I would like to know
    what software I need to cut this guy out, as this is the take I would
    like to use. I would also like to darken the background around the
    actors and brighten the actors.
    film_fan_1, Aug 4, 2005
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  2. film_fan_1

    RS Guest

    The hard way is to use some composite package such as After Effects and
    mask the guy out. (You can use another copy of your shot without wavy
    guy to fill in that background)

    Another way, depending on where wavy guy is, and how big he is and how
    noticible he is in the scene is to blur that little area, or, perhaps
    you can get some everyday object on an alpha background and place the
    object over wavy guy.

    Hopefully the dork is separated from your actors. If one or more of your
    actors partially obscure him, it will create more work as your masks
    will have to be quite precise.

    Its going to be time consuming no matter what. If your camera was locked
    down and did not pan, then your mask won't have to move, which will make
    it a bit easier, but if your camera was handheld or pans, you will have
    to take parts of the shot frame by frame. Best case, for you, is he's
    standing off to the side and you can plop a mailbox or telephone pole in
    front of him.
    RS, Aug 4, 2005
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  3. Chances are the audience for your video will, or at least they should be, so
    interested in what your actors are doing that they won't even notice the guy
    waving in the background. If they do notice then chances are your "movie"
    isn't that interesting after all.

    There are plenty of these types of things in the background of many of our
    most popular favorite movies. For instance. In the movie "Teen Wolf" at the
    end of the big basketball game scene there is a guy in the background that
    actually pulls out his "perdoinger" and waves it at the camera. No one
    watching the film even noticed. Not even the editors of the film.

    In an Alfred Hitchcock film there is a scene where someone walks into a
    restaurant firing a gun at someone else. In the background of that scene is
    a little boy who, since he knew the loud gun fire sound was about to happen,
    covers his ears with his hands. The director and the editor knew it was in
    the scene but calculated the audience would not notice.

    Near the beginning of the movie "Mad Max" you can clearly see a vehicle
    overturned in the background of a scene when that vehicle is not shown
    crashing a few seconds later in the film. These are just a few examples of
    what goes on in the background of films everyone watches and do not notice.

    Next time you watch a movie pay attention to the background instead of the
    main characters and action. Particularly when there are scenes of crowded
    city streets, etc. There are people that stare at the camera, wave and make
    faces alll the time. The only way to come close to controlling it is to hire
    alll the background extras. But even in "Teen Wolf" there was an uninvited
    Innocent Bystander, Aug 4, 2005
  4. In the previous paragraph I meant to say the vehicle overturned in the
    background of the scene actually does not crash until later in a subsequent
    Innocent Bystander, Aug 5, 2005
  5. film_fan_1

    RS Guest

    Thats ok, we were so engrossed in the action of the narrative, that we
    did not notice the little flip flop.....:)
    RS, Aug 5, 2005
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