Repair Damaged JPEG/CRW Files

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. I have a computer with a 160 gigabyte hard drive. Being tempermental as I
    sometimes can be, yesterday when the computer ran extremely slow despite
    numerous reconfigurations, I pretty much demolished it. Not totally, but
    pretty much. Man, that temper of mine!

    Anyway--yes, you know where this is going--I actually had backed up almost
    all my photos. Everything I've ever done right up til July 1st was backed
    up. But needless to say there have been a few losses. Most of what I've shot
    since July 1st actually I have recovered (hooked the hard drive up to the
    other computer and starting recoving those files and burning them to DVD+R
    discs). But a few are there but dont open properly, they appear corrupted.

    They definitely are there, the file size is large and analogous to what the
    type of file is. But when you double-click it it won't open because it's

    What methods can help "uncorrupt" such a file? Again, some of these are CRW
    files. PS--I open the files with Infranview 3.91, and it will show the
    "embedded" JPEGs shot by the 300D camera.

    PS--I have tried some software packages, almost of all them insist on
    scanning every inch of all hard drives, I just want one that lets me
    immediately jump to the file(s) in question, click on them and select "Fix"
    or whatever. One program (Restorer 2000) does, but not the free-one--it
    wants me to do the NTFS package, which costs--and my credit card has no
    funds on it.

    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 13, 2005
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Martin Brown Guest

    That doesn't mean they are definitely there - it just means that the
    directory entry has reserved about the right amount of space. You can
    roughly test whether a JPEG is plausible by trying to recompress it with
    ZIP. If it compresses by more than about 5% then the file is almost
    certainly wrecked. More often than not you have huge chunks of misplaced
    Windows swap file masquerading as image data.

    Check previous threads for software that can make a reasonable stab at
    image recovery - things like PhotoRescue.
    Damaged JPEG images with real commercial or forensic value can sometimes
    be (at least partially) recovered if it is absolutely essential but the
    process is time consuming and not cheap. JPEG streams are quite tricky
    once they get damaged - it is part of the price for good compression.

    Nothing beats having a good backup.

    Martin Brown
    Martin Brown, Jul 14, 2005
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  3. Larry R Harrison Jr

    annice.ava Guest

    Having problem accessing JPEG or CRW files. No problem, with crw repair software, now you can easily repair corrupted crw, jpeg, cr2, sr2 and several other file formats. It is great utility to repair damaged crw files within few clicks. the tool repair jpeg/crw files from memory card, hard drive andseveral other storage media.
    annice.ava, Mar 10, 2012
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