Replacement for Fuji Exilim S100

Discussion in 'Fuji' started by Neil, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. Neil

    Neil Guest

    My daughter managed to plug the 9v charger from her portable DVD player into
    the docking station of her s100. Battery is toast, as is the docking
    station. The camera reports 'Lens error' when another good battery is
    inserted. Insurance company are asking me for a preferred replacement as the
    S100 is no longer available in UK. Recommendations anyone for another P&S.
    SD media is a prerequisite given that we already have a supply and a large
    screen is desirable.

    Neil, Feb 13, 2006
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  2. Neil

    Whiskers Guest

    Do you mean /Casio/ Exilim EX-S100?

    Casio Exilim EX-S100

    3.2 million effective pixels
    3.3 million sensor photo detectors
    36 mm - 102 mm (2.8x) zoom lens
    Announced 25-Aug-04


    Last May, one reviewer there mentioned that it cost about $250 (presumably
    US). All 9 reviewers seemed to think that the small slim case was an
    important feature.

    Try putting features that matter to you (or your daughter) in the 'Buying
    Guide' at that site.

    This is the official Casio UK web site <>; click on
    'Products' and then 'Digital Cameras' to see the current offerings from
    Whiskers, Feb 13, 2006
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  3. Neil

    David Wright Guest

    Panasonic Lumix DMCLZ1B features:

    * 4.0 Megapixel CCD
    * 6x Optical Zoom
    * 4x Digital Zoom
    * Advanced Mega Optical Image Stabiliser
    * Large 2.0'' LCD Screen

    Takes SD Cards and probably an equivalent model for insurance purposes.
    David Wright, Feb 15, 2006
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