Replacement for Kodak EasyShare Software

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by mcp6453, Nov 7, 2004.

  1. mcp6453

    mcp6453 Guest

    My wife loves her Kodak DX4330 digital camera, but she HATES the latest
    version of EasyShare software. Not only is it very limited, it crashes
    quite frequently when accessing files on a shared drive. Since she does
    not like to learn new software, I would like to find a stable software
    package that will enable her to create and manage photo albums and burn
    CDs, like EasyShare does. The operating system is Windows 2000.

    I assume she will have to continue using EasyShare to download pictures
    from the camera. Any thoughts there are welcome.

    She wants a new camera for Christmas, and although she likes the Kodak,
    I am disinclined to buy another one unless this software dilemma can be
    resolved satisfactorily. How is the software that is provided with other
    brands, such as Canon and Nikon?
    mcp6453, Nov 7, 2004
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  2. mcp6453

    mcp6453 Guest

    Unfortunately, my news server only goes back about 7 minutes, well, 7
    days (RoadRunner). I'll do a Google search. Thanks.

    If anyone recalls a specific recommendation, I would appreciate hearing
    it in case I get lost in the mountain of information I need to peruse
    with the Google search.
    mcp6453, Nov 7, 2004
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  3. mcp6453

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings MCP,

    Sorry to learn that your wife does not like the EasyShare software.
    Actually, it is pretty good and works exceedingly well to make your digital
    picture taking quite 'easy.' Can you tell me what it is that she does not
    like, as I may be able to help her directly in getting things working more
    easily. Look forward to sharing with you.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Nov 16, 2004
  4. mcp6453

    Zenbob Guest

    I use Photoshop Elements 3.0 with both my Kodak and Panasonic cameras.
    I would consider it to be "immature" for a version 3.0 product. It has
    some problems, but seems to be the most complete solution for the
    novice. A free alternative is Google's Picasa. See

    Zenbob, Nov 23, 2004
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