Replacement/upgrade for my Canon S70

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Julie Meikle, Nov 6, 2005.

  1. Julie Meikle

    Julie Meikle Guest


    Just persuaded myself that no way can I afford the Canon 5D to replace my
    10D as well as a new compact so will have to content myself with a new
    compact only.....
    I currently have a S45 and want to go for something a bit faster if
    possible, although it is not bad. I need ap priority, manual etc easily
    accessible (not just in the menu), quite like the wide angle of the S70/S80,
    It needs to be smaller than a bridge type camera, but not necessarily a very
    small size. I want 3x at least optical zoom.

    What should I look at? I like the S80, but no RAW....although I only use RAW
    on my SLR if I am honest!
    Ideas would be great thanks

    Julie Meikle, Nov 6, 2005
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