Replacing my Nikon EM/FG

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by Ben, Jan 9, 2005.

  1. Ben

    Ben Guest

    My FG has died. Before it, I had two EM's. I'm trying to decide what to
    buy as a replacement. I have two EM bodies and an FG body, three cases,
    and several lenses for this type of camera. But it seems to me that
    these models have been discontinued so long that any used model I buy
    will be likely to break in the near future. But I have
    equipment--cases, etc. that works with these cameras. And they are
    cheap. EM bodies with a 60-day warranty start at $70. Are there any
    newer models that will use the case from the FG/EM line? such as the

    I am a little confused about lenses. Will a Nikon FM-2n be able to use
    my lenses? Is the FM-2n better than the FM-2

    What is a wrinkled shuttered curtain, and does it affect performance?

    I've been looking at KEH, which seems to have the best prices. What is
    their reputation?
    Ben, Jan 9, 2005
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  2. I think basing a purchase on what cases you can re-use is a mistake, but
    you get to choose. I went from an FG to an FM2N, and my recollection is
    that the body of the FM2n was bigger.
    I switched my lenses from the FG to the FM2n without issue. Is the FM2n
    better? It's newer. Older cameras have less life left, unreasonable abuse
    excepted. Go with a newer model. I've quit buying Nikonos IIIs because no
    matter how good the condition of the body is, the camera fails when I'm
    using it, and there's no repair facility where I'm using it. It's not worth
    the cost to repair anyway. Get a newer model if at all possible.
    I've bought from and sold to them, but not for over a decade. I'm planning
    on selling a camera body to them. I was satisfied with my dealings with
    them. I'd rather deal with KEH than eBay sellers.
    Phil Stripling, Jan 9, 2005
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  3. Ben

    columbotrek Guest

    I just looked at my EM and compared it to my FM2. The FM2 is about 1/4
    longer. The other dimensions are very close to the same. I don't have
    the cases to compare.
    I think that the difference in the two is the flash sync. FM2 at 1/200
    sec and the FM2n at 1/250 sec. Your lenses will work to some degree on
    any Nikon body from the F2 on up. If you are looking at an auto focus
    body be sure to check that it can do mechanical aperture indexing or you
    will loose metering. I think that the N70, N90, F100, F4, F5, and F6
    can do necessary indexing. I think any lens which worked on the FG or EM
    will work on the FM2. You may want to look at the FE2 for its
    electronic shutter and its AP auto exposure mode. Another good choice
    would be the FM3a which you can still get new.
    Maybe. Wrinkled is damaged. Pass and find another. Unless you are
    buying the body for parts or repair.
    KEH is reputed to be consertive on their condition descriptions. I
    bought my FM2n from them and it was as stated. Of course 6 months after
    I bought it, Nikon released the FM3a. Oh well.
    columbotrek, Jan 9, 2005
  4. Ben

    Ted Barker Guest

    I once had an FG. Now I have an FM2N and love it. Yes, your lenses will
    I'm not a big fan of KEH. Their prices are very high and I recently had a
    not so good experience with them. I ordered a data back which they rated as
    Like New -, and it had several scratches and scuffs on it. I just didn't
    feel that it was rated accurately. I've used Charlotte Camera many times and
    have been very pleased.
    Ted Barker, Jan 9, 2005
  5. Are you serious? You're the cheapest son of a bitch I've ever run into,
    and that's saying a lot.

    Get a life, moron.
    uraniumcommittee, Jan 9, 2005
  6. I've bought about 6 Nikkors from them in the last couple of years. They rate
    their lenses a lot worse than they actually are. A lens they call, "bargain"
    is actually very good to excellent. I have been very satisfied with all the
    lenses that I have bought from them.
    William Graham, Jan 9, 2005
  7. There were 3 cameras made using that body, The auto only (manual 90th)
    EM, the Programed fully auto/manual FG, and an in between camera the FG20.

    They were all made in the early 80's the EM circa 1981, the FG's a little

    Personaly I would decide if you want an auto only camera, or more function.
    I would also decide if looks are important or not. Considering that if you
    take any camera to be repaired it will cost $70 or more just for a cleaning
    and simple repair, you might as well stock up on used EM's or less than
    perfedt FG's. Just put a roll or two of film through them to make sure they
    are ok, remove the batteries and store in a sealed plastic bag with a
    dessicant (drying agent). Use them until the break and then sell the broken
    ones on EBAY for parts.

    The FM-2 came out with a top shutter speed of 1/4000 and a flash sync
    (fastest full frame speed) of 1/200th. Six months or so later the FE-2
    came out with the same shutter with electrical timing. It also was
    slightly faster with a max full frame speed of 1/250th). The FM2 shutter
    was replaced with the new shutter and the FM2's started to appear with
    a flash sync of 1/250th. Nikon never changed the camera's designation,
    but dealers called the new one the FM-2n.

    Note that I a refering to the blades and their mount as the shutter,
    not the timing mechanism.
    As long as it is light tight it does not matter.

    The undervalue their cameras. A mint camera is truely unmarked. A bargain
    is a good user camera with enough marks to make it no longer the queen of
    a collection.

    Note that bargain cameras may be replaced under warranty instead of repaired.

    Geoffrey S. Mendelson, Jan 9, 2005
  8. Ben

    TLR Guest

    Not entirely true. In the front side of the camera it is still a FM2 legend,
    but in the back side, the serial number begin with a N.
    TLR, Jan 9, 2005
  9. The FE-2 is a little larger but is a much more rugged camera. It was
    designed for the serious amature/pro backup market(as were the FM
    bodies). That or a new FM3a seems like a good step from an EM/FG.
    They have a similar metering and AE system which I like much better
    than the FM series meter. Keep in mind the fact that the FM and FM2 do
    not have any exposure automation. The FE/FE2 and FM3a have an AE mode.

    Your lenses will work fine with the FM, FM2, FM3, FE, FE2, FA, F3, F4,
    F5, and a number of consumer bodies up through the 8008s and N90s. See or click "Product Resources", then "Nikon
    Resources", then "Bodies to lens compatibility chart", on the B&H web
    site, for full information about these
    kinds of issues. The FM-2n has a newer shutter with a slightly higher
    sync speed, 1/250 vs 1/200 for the FM.
    This is a serious problem and essentially totals these old bodies. It
    means that someone or something has touched the thin aluminum or
    titanium shutter blades and bent them. Even in the unlikely event that
    there is no light leak, the bent shutters will probably have a short
    life. The shutter needs to be replaced. I would never buy one of
    these except for parts.
    Good service, very conservative ratings, I'm happy with the five or six
    things I've gotten from them. If they say it is EX+, it's going to
    look new.
    bob.kirkpatrick, Jan 11, 2005
  10. Ben

    Bruce Graham Guest

    I'm sure it would reduce its resale value a lot, but I used an FM with a
    slight wrinkle for 20 years - no problems. But I would pay very little
    for one.
    Bruce Graham, Jan 14, 2005
  11. Ben

    Jonesy Guest

    And I bought an "excellent" grade lens from them that had 4 big
    scrapes criss-crossing near the center of the front element.

    I could get into what the salesperson told me about what has been
    happening as of late with their grading system (when I called back
    about that lens), but I'll refrain from that. Primarily because I
    *still* respect KEH on the basis that they're not crooks.

    All of the "bargain" lenses I've bought from them were in the
    strictest sense functional. But none of them were pretty, and all of
    them have had dry focusing and or visible dust on the inner elements.
    Jonesy, Jan 15, 2005
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