Revver = useless?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by panem, Sep 17, 2006.

  1. panem

    panem Guest

    I uploaded several videos a month ago to Revver,
    which looks and acts just like Google Video but
    which says they pay video uploaders (owners)
    for videos by putting ads at the end.

    That sounds great but the service is a complete
    and utter mess.

    I have seen very bizarre stuff happening.

    1. At one point, my revenue was at $10. Then next day
    however it dropped to about $5 and has remained
    there since. They have made no response to my email
    inquiries about that.

    2. They used to let users delete their own videos.
    With their new 1.0 website, that feature has been taken out.
    I would like to just remove my videos but I can't
    and they haven't responded to my emails about that.

    3. For a week now, people have been watching my videos
    which I know because the # of view counters keep going up.
    But oddly the revenue hasn't gone up.

    4. Lately, the # of views is increasing on my videos,
    but the little graphs that show views counts next to the
    view counter say there have been 0 views.

    5. The videos they selected to be on the main page are
    getting 100,000 hits each, but Revver never puts any
    less-viewed videos on the main page, even though
    some of the ones on the main page are awful. As a result
    the less-known videos rarely get viewed and they remain in
    the range of 100 views! I complained about this and
    got a feedback saying "we're not a portal". Whuh?
    Then why do they try to look like one and offer portal
    features? And why help out the particular owners of
    those videos? Could it be nepotism, or corporate

    6. They have a stupid policy that they only pay you
    if you make over $20. Well obviously, they have profited
    off my videos so far, and they continue to do so, yet
    very strangely my revenue has stopped going up
    and even dropped by half, despite people viewing my videos!
    It is almost as if they have rigged things so that
    it will never reach $20 and they will get a freebie.

    I sense a real lack of professionalism with Revver.
    I wish I didn't have to say so because I had high hopes
    for this arrangement, but I keep seeing problems
    and when they respond to emails, they say things
    that are troubling.
    panem, Sep 17, 2006
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