RIP Canon PowerShot A75

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Dallas, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Jebus!... I'm pretty much pressing the button to buy a new A1200, then
    as a last resort I cleaned the battery door contacts on the A75 with
    alcohol and a toothbrush. I don't know about you guys, but this has
    never worked for anything I've tried to fix... until this time.
    Pressed the on button and bing, back to life.

    Now I've got a working A75 but decided that the A1200 would be nice to
    own. Anybody wanna buy a used A75? [big grin]
    Dallas, Feb 14, 2012
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  2. Dallas

    Savageduck Guest

    32 then, 38 now.

    Levis & Frye boots then, Levis & a shoe and boot variety including
    sneakers, decent shoes, Lowa & Vasque Goretex boots, and Lucchesse
    boots now.
    Savageduck, Feb 14, 2012
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  3. I can ... I can fit into all my old clothes from high school, a
    very few of which I still have. In fact, I can wear Levis two
    sizes small than then ... but I suspect one size
    of "pants inflation" so make it one size (sizes are
    1 inch steps).

    Doug McDonald
    Doug McDonald, Feb 14, 2012
  4. Dallas

    NM5K Guest

    Yep, I git around round, git around, I git around... :|
    The LCD on my little Sony W290 is fairly bright. And it's
    a 3 incher.. So pretty detailed too.. I can actually tell
    how sharp the image will be pretty much from the LCD.
    Ditto for exposure level, etc..
    So it doesn't bother me at all not having a viewfinder.
    Maybe it's cuz I never really used one, except on the
    old film cameras I used a few light years ago.
    I've never owned a DSLR yet.. Too cheap. :(
    NM5K, Feb 14, 2012
  5. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Savageduck <

    Yup... Same numbers exactly and I wore those "dingo boots", with the
    squared off toe.

    Cool... [grin]
    Dallas, Feb 15, 2012
  6. Dallas

    Dallas Guest

    Ok thanks.. You've actually convinced me to not buy a new camera with a
    viewfinder. Now that I've got the A75 working again, if it craps out in
    the future I'll just replace it with the latest greatist without a

    Truth is, I just haven't needed a point and shoot much since it would seem
    I'm willing to drag the DSLR just about everywhere.
    Dallas, Feb 15, 2012
  7. Dallas

    David Kerber Guest

    To me, the question is, would it be more expensive than replacing it?
    If repair is much cheaper than replacement, then I usually go that
    route, even if repair is more than I originally paid.
    David Kerber, Mar 6, 2012
  8. Its always worth asking what would happen if you sent it to
    the manufacturer for repair or replacement. If you really like
    a particular discontinued model, they might have refurbished ones
    that are reasonable price and would make you happy.

    Doug McDonald
    Doug McDonald, Mar 6, 2012
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