Rip-off britain - 2CR5 battery prices

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Tony Polson, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Tony Polson

    Tony Polson Guest

    I needed a new battery for my Canon EOS 3. I usually have several
    spare batteries in stock for each item of equipment I own, but I use
    the EOS 3 only as a backup to an EOS 5D, so it rarely gets used.

    Anyway, 7dayshop offered a pack of five for just over £2 each, with
    £3.95 postage. About £2.50 each all in. But I needed to shoot a roll
    of film quickly, so it was off to Boots.

    Boots wanted £11.49 for their own brand and £12.49 for a Duracell.
    Wow! Woolworths didn't stock them, nor Superdrug. A camera shop (one
    of a chain of five shops) wanted a crippling £13.99 for a Duracell.
    Even Jessops were slightly cheaper, at a still-horrendous £12.99 for a

    I was walking past Currys Digital and thought "No, they could never be
    cheaper in there!" but I went in anyway. To my surprise, they offered
    me a Philips at only £5.99 and a Duracell at a very competitive £3.99,
    which I promptly purchased.

    So kudos to Currys Digital, and shame on Boots, Jessops and especially
    the other camera shop, where I could have paid another £10 on top for
    the identical item! It served as a reminder to buy cheap and always
    keep some in stock.
    Tony Polson, Feb 12, 2008
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