Riverfire snapshots

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by mark.thomas.7, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. I took my camera down to the riverside, knowing nothing about what to
    expect.. Found a pretty awful location (O;, set up the tripod and
    fired away...

    Ah well, no masterpieces there (which is why I didn't think they
    deserved larger images, sorry!), but I at least learnt some valuable
    lessons about where to get next time. Apart from getting far better
    shots from a higher vantage point, it might also save my eardrums/heart
    from being directly under the F111's... Next year, perhaps..

    If you want to see some better ones, there are some pretty nice ones
    here - obviously these are *not* mine:

    He obviously knew where to go!

    By the way, a heartfelt 'thanks' (NOT) to the organisers/security
    managers who delayed everyone by searching their bags at checkpoints
    (give me a break, it's a public place for heaven's sake!!!), and
    blocked off a lot of the better areas around southbank.

    Velcome to pre-glasnost Russia....
    mark.thomas.7, Sep 8, 2006
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  2. I don't think they look too bad - my favourite is the first one - the
    helicopter shot. It looks like you were located about Kangaroo Point,
    looking back toward southbank, correct?
    I would have liked to go down, but it's a fair drive from here, I had to
    work saturday arvo, and I figured southbank area would have been chaos,
    so gave it a miss. Forgot to watch it on TV too.
    Apart from the heads in a few of yours, I actually prefer your shots
    over these other ones.
    Marvellous aint it. I wonder about the legality of that, it is a public
    place after all. If you were located where I think you were, I'd be very
    curious about the legalities of checks there, since you are basically
    just on a public thoroughfare. I think if push came to shove, you'd find
    these rent-a-cops have no authority to do anything.
    Graham Fountain, Sep 8, 2006
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  3. (Caution. This post degenerates badly...)

    Correct, sort of between the maritime museum thingy, and the kangaroo
    point cliffs. And that raises an issue - why oh why don't some event
    organisers realise that fireworks look absolutely stunning *when there
    is still just a trace of light in the sky*!! If they carefully
    scheduled the displays for that time when the very last dregs of light
    are just petering out, the average firework image would improve
    Why thank you - you've added some inspiration for me to try again from
    a different vantage point next year!
    Me too. I doubt they would have a leg to stand on, but of course they
    could yell to the nearest cops and I would then be 'acting
    suspiciously'. It's sad.
    Actually it was when I tried to get down onto the foreshore at South
    Bank proper that I ran into the fences blocking off a huge section, and
    the security check was applied to anyone trying to go towards QPac from
    South Bank station. I initially headed that way and went though the
    checkpoint, after expressing some gentle derision at the security guard
    who was highly suspicious of my slightly pinkish drinking water...(I
    put a little cordial in it.. well, that's my story..). I was *fairly*
    tactful as I told her what I thought of the security, and also
    expressed my views to a group of police, who just smiled wanly and made
    no real comment - I suspect they were a bit bemused by their orders as
    well - can't really blame the poor buggers who have to carry out the

    Then I saw how incredibly crowded it was in that direction and that the
    foreshore was largely fenced off, I went back towards Kangaroo Pt.

    <rant on>
    I really get angry at this stuff. The media beat up on crime (and the
    t-ism-word) ends up with people scared to go out and live their lives -
    we are continually confronted with horrible stories and images on TV..
    and yet is our society really that much worse than it was in say the
    60's? Or is it more that we just celebrate the way we can over-report
    everything and scare the living shite out of everyone, driving us all
    to immense paranoia and letting us accept a police state? I'm sure
    they would say "well what if there was a bomb, and hundreds had been
    killed? My answer is:

    1. There wasn't.
    2. The people that do this stuff are generally much smarter than the
    lame security efforts. In my case I was wearing a huge and bulky coat
    that could have hidden anything... Was that checked?, nope just the
    camera bag and that lethal pink drink..
    3. What does more damage? - the slim chance of something bad happening
    (and likely being completely missed anyway), or all the hassles, the
    restriction of rights and freedoms, the psychological problems, the
    unhappiness, the fear and paranoia?

    <rant off>
    Sorry about that.... (O;
    mark.thomas.7, Sep 8, 2006
  4. http://www.marktphoto.com/riverfire/index.htm

    If anyone is interested how prosumers perform for this type of work,
    I've also added one full-resolution jpeg, pretty much as it came out of
    the camera.


    (~1 Mb download - note that this image will only be here for a week or

    The camera is an 8Mp Olympus C8080, this image is actual pixel view (it
    was cropped slightly to give it a more panoramic aspect). It has not
    been processed in any way, and is a 15 second time exposure (dark-frame
    subtraction turned on) at ISO 50. The camera is set to -5 sharpening
    (ie no in-camera sharpening), -3 contrast, daylight WB. It may have
    lost a little quality from a resave but it's not significant.

    There was *much* less light in the sky than it appears, obviously.

    I will confess to having an ulterior motive to posting that full-res
    image - I am selling my backup C8080 (yes, I have two!) on that
    well-known auction site, and want to have a couple of full-res images
    up.. (O:
    mark.thomas.7, Sep 8, 2006
  5. Don't be sorry, you are 100% right. We've had terrorism around as long
    as I remember - Irish in England, various Palestinian efforts etc. It
    isn't something that started with Sept 11 01. Sept 11 just took it to a
    new extreme. Since then though we've gone back to pretty much the usual
    amount of terrorism we previously had. My view is, if our society
    changes significantly, and we lose freedoms from the fear of terrorism,
    then we have lost the war and they have won. By all means ramp up
    security when they hear of an impending attack, but there is no need to
    go to the lengths you have described. As you say, if there was a bomb,
    they wouldn't have found it anyway.
    Graham Fountain, Sep 8, 2006
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