Rode NTG-1 and NTG-2 comparisons to Sennheiser 416

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Ty Ford, May 18, 2005.

  1. Ty Ford

    Ty Ford Guest


    I'm uploading stereo wav files that compare the Sennheiser 416 and the new
    Rode NTG-1 and NTG-2 shotgun mics.

    You'll find the files in a top level folder in my online archives. The Rodes
    are about 10 dB less sensitive, but do a pretty good job when the preamps are
    increased to math the Sennheiser sensitivity.


    Ty Ford

    -- Ty Ford's equipment reviews, audio samples, rates and other audiocentric
    stuff are at
    Ty Ford, May 18, 2005
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  2. I've been using the NTG-1 for about 6 weeks now and find it does a great
    I've never owned a 416, (always had a Beyer MC 736, which I much preferred,
    but recently died), and I find the NTG -1 similar sounding with pretty much
    as much gain as the Beyer, but with a tighter pattern, to my old ears
    The other great plus is that it weighs about half, (or more), of my Beyer,
    but probably not quite as warm sounding, although it's been a while since
    I've used the Beyer, what with trips back and forth to Germany for repairs,
    (that didn't work).
    And....the big plus.....I only paid Aus$300.00 ($230.00 US)
    Martin Harrington, May 19, 2005
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  3. Ty Ford

    Dave Guest

    Hi Ty,

    Thanks for posting your files; I appreciate practical comparisons...kind of
    like a wine tasting. My "palette" finds the 416 sophisticated but
    approachable, rich yet fruity, with a nice, round "full body" flavour and
    lots of depth...a very good vintage and all 'round classic. The 416 left a
    most pleasant, satisfying after-taste on the tip of my left ear.

    To my right ear, the Rode NTG models appear to be moderately priced,
    precocious upstarts...a recent vintage ideal for more casual
    affairs...lacking the truly deep, woody undertones of the 416 yet still
    pleasing to the ear...the Beaujolais Nouveaux of short shotguns.

    Either would go well with a nice camembert or Deva V...???

    Salut Ty!,

    Dave, May 20, 2005
  4. Ty Ford

    Dave Guest

    Hi Ty,

    I've been listening to your mic comparison again...thanks, very interesting.

    In a low budget, bang-for-the-buck situation (or for a PD150 on-board camera
    mic retrofit), do you think the Rode NTG mics are superior to the Sennheiser
    ME66/K6 units and more comparable to the higher end 416? Do you find that
    the NTG mics approximate the 416 tonally but without the same degree of
    sonic "weight" of the 416?

    Thanks and Cheers,

    Dave, May 20, 2005
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