Rode VideoMic Wind protection

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Bill, May 16, 2006.

  1. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Hi all,
    I just returned from an excursion and did some taping with a Panasonic
    GS400 up in the hills of a dude ranch. I used a Rode VideoMic with the
    standard foam windscreen on it for sound. There was very little wind
    at the time so I thought I would be safe, but my video has some very
    loud wind noise on it. Can anyone recommend a really good windscreen
    for this mic, and tell me how effective a good windscreen will be in the
    real world?

    Bill, May 16, 2006
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    These people appear to make good quality, effective
    foam and fur windscreen products at a very reasonable
    price. You might have to email/call them to get the one
    that fits your Rode mic.
    Richard Crowley, May 16, 2006
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  3. Bill

    Steve Guidry Guest

    Call the folks at Location Sound Corporation at 818.980.9891.

    They're the best in the business.

    Steve Guidry, May 16, 2006
  4. Bill

    Brian Boutel Guest

    Rode have one that fits the videomic, over the foam, called the Dead Cat.

    Brian Boutel, May 17, 2006
  5. Bill

    Bill Guest

    Thanks all. I ordered myself a Rycote mini-windjammer. I'll try to
    remember to post back here on how well it works in case anyone else has
    the same problem.
    Bill, May 17, 2006
  6. Bill

    Ty Ford Guest


    The assumption is that you weren't listening all the time. In the real world,
    that's a very good thing to do.


    Ty Ford

    -- Ty Ford's equipment reviews, audio samples, rates and other audiocentric
    stuff are at
    Ty Ford, May 18, 2006
  7. Bill

    Bill Guest

    If I understand you correctly, you're saying I should have had my
    headphones on. I agree. Because we were riding horseback and I was
    already carrying two cameras, I got lazy and left the headphones in my
    cottage. I'll know better next time. Especially since it is clear that
    turning the camera on a different angle would have diminished much of
    the noise. Live and learn.
    Bill, May 19, 2006
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