Rolleiflex SL35 Battery Check

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Chris Loffredo, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Hi,

    I just received a nice SL35 which has an out-of-whack meter.

    5 minutes to get the top off and I find... 3 adjustment trimmers!
    I assume one is for adjusting the BC, so if someone can tell me how the
    battery check is suppossed to be done (no, no button with "bc" on
    it...), I can eliminate at least one variable from the problem.
    If you can also tell me what each trimmer does, then you reach hero


    Chris Loffredo, Feb 14, 2004
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  2. FIRST, assuming you haven't already done so, DON'T touch the trimmers!
    (and if you ever do, mark or photograph the exact original positions

    OK. I used to sell the SL35 when it was new... I know a bit about them.

    First, the camera has no provision for a battery test function, so
    don't look for one. The original mercury battery had the characteristic
    of working correctly until it died; it was nearly an all-or-nothing

    Second, what kind of battery are you using to "check" the meter? This
    camera was designed to use the now unavailable PX13 or PX625 mercury
    cells; most other batteries (like the current ALKALINE variant of the
    625) will produce incorrect exposures - typically by two or more stops.
    Don't assume there's anything wrong with it until you check it with an
    appropriate battery. I use Wein air cells, which, while short-lived,
    put out the correct voltage.

    Third, even with the correct battery, don't expect modern performance
    from the meter. The SL-35 uses the old CdS technology; which is slow
    and has a memory effect. Even in bright sunlight, it may take two or
    three seconds for the needle to settle down, while you hold down the
    stop-down button. And AFTER being in bright sunlight, it may take
    several minutes to give accurate readings indoors. And the low-light
    sensitivity is frankly terrible.

    That said, I liked the SL35. It was a solid if uninspiring platform for
    some spectacular lenses. The later Singapore models (SL25E, etc.)
    existed solely to make the original look more reliable) <Grin>

    -- Scott Schuckert
    Scott Schuckert, Feb 16, 2004
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