Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 review - crashes, sucks, buggy, avoid

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Daniel Barrett, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I purchased Roxio Easy Media Creator 9 today. After 2 frustrating
    hours of using this software, I am deleting it and asking for my money
    back. It is just way too buggy for real use.

    My needs are simple. Load an AVI file, set chapter marks, and burn the
    results to DVD. That's it. The most basic DVD requirements

    Roxio failed, producing buggy behavior and crashing several times in
    the process. I never even got to burning the DVD. The chapter marker
    software is of extremely poor quality.

    Buggy behavior:

    - I used the "automatic find" feature to create chapter markers
    automatically on scene changes. Each marker was placed about 2
    seconds AFTER its scene change, requiring manual edits.

    - While in the "Edit Chapters" window, all my chapter markers
    disappeared. I closed the window and reopened it. All my chapter
    markers returned, including the ones I had already deleted!! GRRR!!

    - I tried to move the start of the video from 00:00:00 to 00:05:00. I
    wasn't permitted. The earliest time it allowed was 00:11:00. I've
    never seen this happen before in a video program.

    Stupid design decisions:

    - You can't delete the first chapter marker.

    - While in the Edit Chapters window, the main window is disabled so
    you can't use its menus to (say) read the Help system. You also can't

    - Every time you delete a chapter marker, the marker list scrolls to
    the top. So I was constantly scrolling downward to work with the
    later chapter markers. Do this 99 times and you're ready to puke.


    - Two crashes while editing chapter markers. Video was not playing at
    the time: I was just deleting chapter markers or moving sliders. They
    seemed to happen when I was doing things rapidly.

    Roxio Support:

    - After purchasing the software on, I tried registering as a
    "new user" on their support site. The site said my email address was
    already in use... because I'd used it for my purchase. So I tried
    logging in with that email address, but the password I'd selected
    during the purchase didn't work. Catch-22. Tried using the
    knowledgebase but it emitted error pages. This was the last straw for

    Summary: Avoid this product.
    Daniel Barrett, Dec 13, 2006
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