S70 can't see photos on computer

Discussion in 'Canon' started by Miles, Sep 30, 2009.

  1. Miles

    Miles Guest

    Spent an hour today with Canon tech & didn't resolve 2 problems:

    1) Cannot update the firmware, presumably from 1.0 to When
    the SB2 cable is run to the computer from the camera it's seen in XP
    WinExpl, but the firmware won't install. Basically it simply won't do
    anything -- a window pops up which doesn't read the software and it
    can sit there forever. Also tried putting the firmware on the CF
    card, but it couldn't be seen.

    2) Cannot download pics from the camera to the computer. Have
    Canon's ZoomBrowser which doesn't do it. Can remove the CF card and
    plug it into a reader and that's OK, but have been doing that for
    years and one of these days it will be break the card so attempting to
    avoid that and do it the right way. Also have Canon's ZoomBrowser
    which doesn't do it.

    Also tried downloading from programs Irfanview and Elements but no go.
    Also tried using a different USB cable. The 2nd tech I spoke to
    insists that another program is being used which is interfering. So I
    closed down the 2 HP printer files running at startup, still nothing.
    The Windows Autoplay window is blank and need to cancel from there.
    Although the camera is seen since it's listed in WinExpl My Computer,
    right clicking won't produce anything other than the blank autoplay

    There may be other files interfering such as Scansoft or the Epson
    printer, but they're not seen in SysExplorer startup.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated, and if more info is needed, please
    let me know.
    Miles, Sep 30, 2009
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  2. Miles

    Miles Guest

    * ben bradlee wrote, On 9/30/2009 09:56:
    Googled back through 3 pages of google's finds and didn't find
    anything -- except my msg here. Will call tech support again!
    Miles, Sep 30, 2009
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  3. Miles

    Miles Guest

    * Fo33ie Bear wrote, On 10/2/2009 10:11:
    No, the firmware isn't write protected to my knowledge -- if it were,
    believe Canon tech people would have let me know. And I am the
    administrator. Yes, there could be another service running, but I've
    checked that, and do find a few which are probably necessary -- did
    temporarily shut down the HP 4in1 printer which didn't do the trick.

    Also cannot download pics to the computer directly from the camera and
    never have been able to do that, although they will download from a
    card reader. My next option is to try downloading on another computer
    and see what occurs, then at least will know if it's the camera or the
    Miles, Oct 4, 2009
  4. Miles

    Miles Guest

    * ben bradlee wrote, On 10/4/2009 14:03:
    Believe my difficulty is a bit different in that it cannot update
    firmware nor view/download pics.

    Today tried on another computer with dual boot to XP Pro & Win Vista
    ultimate. Exactly the same regarding viewing/downloading pics
    occurred in XP as in my computer. Also tried in safe mode which I
    forgot to do on my machine, and it didn't even recognize the camera.
    However, in Vista Ultimate it went fine -- could view all pics and
    download them as well -- only I didn't take the time to try to
    download individual pics or files.

    So why in Vista and not XP? Does that mean that there is a fault in
    the XP driver for Canon?
    Miles, Oct 5, 2009
  5. Miles

    Miles Guest



    FYI, discovered this by inserting the factory very small sized CF
    which contained a couple of pics taken in the store when the camera
    was purchased. WinXP could read and download those pics fine. So
    downloaded the pics from a 1GB Lexar currently in use using a card
    reader (for safety in the event not all were previously removed), then
    reformatted it and took a couple of pics. And all is great! The
    window opens with several programs to view the pics and they can be
    downloaded directly without a program or via one of several programs.

    This entire episode was very frustrating and I wasted countless hours
    including talking to 3 Canon techs on 3 different days, all of whom
    had the same story of some other program is polling from the reg which
    won't allow the function. Either an all-in-one printer (which I
    have), a zip drive, or a scanner (which I had years ago and still
    could be in the reg).

    In other words, the 3 techs were blowing wind passing the buck when
    they didn't have a clue as to the cause. Not one of them inquired as
    to the CF. Needless to say I'll write the VP customer svc and perhaps
    the CEO advising that I'll tell everyone I know never to buy another
    Canon product due to extremely poor technical service.

    And I've learned that whenever a new memory card is purchased, to
    immediately format it in the camera!

    Miles, Oct 7, 2009
  6. Miles

    frischmoutt Guest

    I suggest that you also send a copy to Barack Obama, Berlusconi, Sarcozzi,
    a couple of queens and Benoit the 16th, don't forget him please.
    frischmoutt, Oct 8, 2009
  7. Miles

    Miles Guest

    * frischmoutt wrote, On 10/8/2009 12:10:
    Hey dead mouth, why are you telling that to Ben Bradlee as he didn't
    mention anything about advising others. Best you keep your trap shut
    until you learn how to use email.
    Miles, Oct 9, 2009
  8. Miles

    Rob Guest

    No need to become rude.
    Ms or Mr F merely indicated that your anger at Canon Customer Service
    is exaggerated. It is indeed.
    You cannot blame a whole industry for an imagined error of only three
    Also, if you had read the user manual a bit better, your whole problem
    might not have existed. See page 6, 'Read this first'.
    In general, it is a good idea to read the user manual when you use
    complicated equipment.
    Also, it is always better to try to correct your own errors than to
    blame others. (Blaming others is of course easier.)

    Kind regards,


    Rob, Oct 9, 2009
  9. Miles

    Miles Guest

    Well, now it's 4 techs and this one who was very personable and a
    photo nut told me he's been on the desk for 5 years and had never
    heard this before. Therefore, it stands to reason why there have been
    many questions in this regard on their forum and I haven't yet seen an
    explanation. So I stand my ground since 4 techs couldn't identify the
    difficulty and passed the buck onto the computer or associated
    hardware, and Canon has never resolved the questions on their own forum.

    Rob I must have a different book than yours -- page 6 is safety
    warnings. I did re-peruse the entire book a couple of weeks ago and
    found nothing suggesting "foreign" CF's "must" be formatted. FYI, my
    booklet carries on the outside back cover CDI-3151-010, copyright 2004
    Canon, Inc, printed in Hong Kong.

    Also it was the same with the 2nd CF which is a 1gb Sandisk, and
    formatting it allowed downloading pics.

    * Rob wrote, On 10/9/2009 14:06:
    Miles, Oct 10, 2009
  10. Miles

    frischmoutt Guest

    Miles, I apologize if you didn't appreciate my humor. I' wasn't my intention
    to offend you.
    I barely was amused when you wanted to address the CEO who, obviously has
    nothing to do with this kind of detail.

    Anyway, I do appreciate your reply, it brings some words more to my
    knowledge of the English language.
    Groups are wonderful to enhance the vocabulary. Thanks.


    frischmoutt, Oct 10, 2009
  11. Miles

    Rob Guest

    Page 19 is more specific.
    All CF cards are 'foreign' CF cards as far as I know. I have necer
    heard of Canon CF cards.
    They must be formated on the camera.
    I do not have a S70, but a book about the 50D clearly states that CF
    cards must be formated with the camera's own format facility. I do not
    see why this shoud be different for the Powershot S70.
    The S70 manual itself states: 'You should always format a new CF
    It does not state clearly that the problems you described can be
    caused by forgetting to format the card, it only says 'may not operate
    One does not have to be a great exegete to understand that this may
    also cover your case.

    Kind regards,


    Rob, Oct 10, 2009
  12. Miles

    Miles Guest

    Although I can't read the brand name other than "smart" something, see
    this page where Canon has CF cards 64mb up to 512mb -- although
    strange I couldn't find a way to purchase! And, of course, it came
    with a Canon CF card installed, albeit a small one.


    Also FYI, I heard that the new S90 is quite a camera, although I
    haven't yet tried it out.


    You're right, page 19 of my book reads that "you should always format
    a new CF card." And "If the camera does not work properly, the
    inserted CF card may be malfunctioning. Reformatting the CF card may
    solve the problem." (However, in reading the latter it would appear
    to be referring to camera usage taking pics, not downloading pics to a
    computer.) When I bought the camera along with 2 CF cards the seller
    said they didn't need to be formatted, so I didn't -- now 4 years
    later I learn!

    And sorry to have yelled at frischmoutt, guess by this time I was at
    wit's end having spent countless hours attempting to download pics and
    calling their tech service. (It hadn't downloaded directly to a
    computer since purchase, but would via a card reader.)

    * Rob wrote, On 10/10/2009 09:34:
    Miles, Oct 10, 2009
  13. Miles

    Rob Guest

    Interesting to know Canon also sells camera's with CF cards. The EOS
    cameras which I have were sold without CF cards (unless one provided
    by the dealer, 2 of 4 GB). (I wonder who makes the cards for Canon.)

    We also have a G10, which is an excellent camera, except in the dark,
    when there is far too much noise. At ISO 400 the noise already starts
    spoiling the picture.
    My 50D has a much larger sensor, with which I can make photographs
    under low light conditions with a high ISO setting and get very
    satisfying results.

    Kind regards,

    Rob, Oct 10, 2009
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