sailed to Antarctica again: new gallery

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by T. Heslenfeld, Dec 21, 2008.

  1. T. Heslenfeld, Dec 21, 2008
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  2. T. Heslenfeld

    Pete D Guest

    Pete D, Dec 21, 2008
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  3. T. Heslenfeld

    Smeeegles Guest

    Awesome photos but really, you could make them slightly larger, they are
    microscopic on my screen
    Smeeegles, Dec 22, 2008
  4. T. Heslenfeld

    Pete D Guest

    He does have the site to sell photos so the size is probably big enough I
    Pete D, Dec 22, 2008
  5. T. Heslenfeld

    Smeeegles Guest

    Regardless, I'd be more inclined to buy them if I could make out some
    more detail.
    Smeeegles, Dec 23, 2008
  6. T. Heslenfeld

    Pete D Guest

    Utter rubbish, you were able to see that they were "awesome
    Pete D, Dec 23, 2008
  7. T. Heslenfeld

    Smeeegles Guest

    Yes But It is not enough for me to buy them without the finer details.
    They are potentially very awesome.
    Smeeegles, Dec 24, 2008
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