Saltzman Catalog

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by John, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. John

    John Guest

    John, Jun 19, 2008
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  2. This is a great resource. Your catalogue is newer than
    mine and includes more equipment. Mine has a short section
    on Ascor speedlights, I suspect that a separate catalogue
    was available by the time your enlarger catalogue was
    printed. Mine also describes a cold-light head using tubular
    fluorescent lamps which I do not see in yours. It may have
    been short lived. I don't think any other heavy duty
    enlargers even approached the Saltzman jobs.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 20, 2008
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  3. The big Saltzmans used for aerial work look rather
    small and flimsy compared to other aerial 'rectifying
    enlargers' from Wild, Zeiss, K&E and others.

    In some models the enlargers' baseboard tilts couple to the
    negative carrier tilts so when the baseboard is tilted to
    correct perspective the negative follows to keep the image
    in focus.

    Google for more info: photography/aerial photography-pg1.html

    Need a proper light source:

    There was an HE-12 going for $1000 on craiglist a while ago, and
    a Zeiss enlarger showed up on ebay last year.
    Nicholas O. Lindan, Jun 20, 2008
  4. John

    John Guest

    Interesting. What is not in the catalog is the absolutely gigantic
    two-column Saltzman. That's like two of the heavy duty 8x10 models put
    together. Somewhere on the net there is a picture of one about to be
    loaded into a moving truck. It occupied the whole thing and maxed out
    the GVR.
    John, Jun 20, 2008
  5. John

    John Guest

    Thanks for the link to the dodging enlarger, Nicholas. I had not seen
    that. I don't quite know why they made it - perhaps to obviate making a
    contrast mask?
    John, Jun 20, 2008
  6. John

    John Guest

    John, Jun 20, 2008
  7. John

    John Guest

    It looks like a lot of people downloaded the Saltzman catalog. My ISP
    cut me off when the downloads totaled 1,000mb. They will turn it back on
    after July 1.

    I never know how much activity I get there until something like this
    happens. Got to find a provider that will let me run serverside scripts
    (fat chance, eh?)
    John, Jun 20, 2008
  8. Nicholas O. Lindan, Jun 20, 2008
  9. Bausch & Lomb also made some large aerial mapping
    enlargers with multiple heads. I've only seen pictures of
    them. Most of these mapping enlargers are very specialized
    and would not be of much use for pictorial photography.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 20, 2008
  10. John

    John Guest

    John, Jun 20, 2008
  11. I haven't even seen the pictures, just heard the
    "Mine's bigger than yours." - Photographic
    Acquisitive Fetish.

    I think the Zeiss V was going for $1,000 on ebay -
    hard to beat if you have the room (and the reinforced
    floor (and the 440 3-phase (and the 3-ton air conditioner
    (exaggeration (much (not))))))

    The Saltzman with the 9.5" roll film carrier and ball-head
    easel support was made for aerial use - a lightweight
    budget unit as it didn't have all the calibrations and
    vernier controls of a proper rectifier.
    Nicholas O. Lindan, Jun 20, 2008
  12. I think my catalogue has this machine although I
    remember it as having three support columns in a triangular
    arrangement. I rather suspect that Ceaser-Saltzman custom
    built a lot of stuff on special order. It would be
    interesting to know how many enlargers they made.
    Elwood shows a 10x10 model in their catalogues that was
    evidently meant to be an economy version of the Saltzman for
    aerial use. Its on a floor stand with a crank on the front
    for head height. I've seen several of these in the flesh.
    They are quite sturdy and heavy but appear a bit crude and
    flimsy in comparison to the Saltzman. There is an Elwood
    catalogue on the Camera Eccentric site at
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 20, 2008
  13. Perhaps the military definition of "portable": it has
    handles on it.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 20, 2008
  14. Oh, ich! I was going to download it tonight when I
    have access to a very high speed connection.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 20, 2008
  15. David Nebenzahl, Jun 21, 2008
  16. John

    John Guest

    Richard, I can send it to you on a CD if you like. Reverse the spellings
    in my address above for my email address.
    John, Jun 21, 2008
  17. You are right! For some reason I thought this was a
    whole catalogue. I have a couple of catalogues and a
    one-sheet. I will dig these out and scan them.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 21, 2008
  18. I've written to you off list. Thanks.
    Richard Knoppow, Jun 22, 2008
  19. John

    John Guest

    It's in the culture or something. I went to that big auction site and
    searched on "enlarger" and OMG! You know what came up. I hate it
    when that happens.
    John, Jun 23, 2008
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