Samsung Digimax 4 - resolution and other questions

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Phil, Jul 30, 2003.

  1. Phil

    Phil Guest

    The Samsung Digimax 4 has an impressive specification and appears to
    be excellent value for money. I have read several reviews of this
    camera, 2 of which criticised its definition.

    The first was in PC-Pro (British) - 'Image quality was not incredible
    and the auto white balance left a greenish cast in our indoor shot
    without flash and a blue cast when using flash. [paraphrased]:The
    auto-focus was not as we'd hoped'

    PCWorld (US) stated:
    '...but our cropped and magnified shot looked a little fuzzy, and a
    shot taken with the flash looked dark. A couple of other shots looked
    flat. We're fairly sure that's a true representation of what the
    camera can do; we tried three earlier samples of the Digimax V4, all
    of which had egregious* color problems. Samsung says it mistakenly
    sent us preproduction units on the first two occasions and a
    malfunctioning unit the third time around.
    [* according to my dictionary this means: 'conspicuously bad or
    offensive or reprehensible' why could the reviewer use a simple word
    like 'undesirable'?]

    ......but some similarly priced cameras take better pictures.'

    Other reviews were more favourable.

    Comments from Digimax 4 users on this group would be welcomed.

    Phil, Jul 30, 2003
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