Samsung DV Cam Corder - Wierd Battery prob

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Bill Curtis, Mar 3, 2004.

  1. Bill Curtis

    Bill Curtis Guest

    I have had this Camera about 12 months now and produced a lot of stuff
    on it. Suddnely it stopped working on the supplied battery, worked
    fine off the mains adaptor. The battery appeared charged when tested
    and yet it would not operate the the camera.

    Ha thinks I, the battery is nackered time to get a new one.

    So I buy a new battery, charge it up, which took 8 hours, so that
    seemed about right. Now it is still dead when operating off the
    battery snd still fine off the mains adaptor? The battery shows a
    good charge on my meter even working under a load.

    I have tried the reset button, any one got any ideas, it beats me how
    it can work off the mains and fail off the battery, unless the sensing
    circuit thinks the battery is duff. Mind you the flashing battery
    signal started at 4 and gradualy dropped back to full charge so it
    beats me

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated
    Bill Curtis, Mar 3, 2004
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  2. Bill Curtis

    Pilot Pete Guest

    Sounds to me like there is an internal fault in the device. I wonder if
    there is a fuse blown inside it but i would not like to think i was going to
    strip it down incase anything went wrong.
    Perhaps a call to the service agent will help you.

    Pilot Pete, Mar 3, 2004
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