SAMSUNG LE19R88BD 19 inch Television - My Opinion

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by helen3942, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. helen3942

    helen3942 Guest


    I usually buy Panasonic. But Panasonic don't make a 19 inch LCD TV. So
    this Sammy was the next best thing - and I'm not disappointed.

    The price/performance ratio is very high. Both picture and sound
    quality matches or exceeds what I expected from a TV this size.
    Superior sound can be obtained by connecting the TV's output to an
    external amp and speakers. Sound from the TV speakers is perfectly
    adequate and not, as some have suggested, unusually bad compared to
    other manufacturers' sets of this size and at this price point.

    There is no evidence of the 'high-pitched whine' reported by some
    commentators. In addition the speed of channel changes via the remote
    is no better or worse than those with my Panny 42 inch plasma or the
    Sony Bravia 20 inch in the bedroom.

    A basic wall-mounting bracket comes as standard, as well as a cleaning


    The blue light below the SAMSUNG logo, which could be annoying when
    the TV is viewed in dark conditions. If you don't like this gimmick a
    piece of black tape will obscure it.

    The set cannot be completely switched off via the remote. A red light
    stays on all the time. This also could be annoying if the TV resides
    in a bedroom. Again - black tape to the rescue. Or switch off at the
    mains plug.

    Instructions for adjusting the stand (by pressing a button on the
    back) are on page 53 of the manual. These guidelines should be at the
    beginning of the manual because the stand has to be folded straight as
    soon as the unit is removed from its box. I've raised this with

    Otherwise a very satisfying purchase. Highly recommended.

    I got mine here:

    Enter coupon code AW5 to get five pounds off the published price.
    helen3942, Jul 4, 2008
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  2. helen3942

    G Hardy Guest

    Not as off topic as what I'm about to type...

    This probably needs a bit of clarification. The distance selling regulations
    (DSR) mean that you are perfectly entitled to return goods bought over the
    internet or the 'phone for any reason at all, but it is at your own expense,
    and it must be in the original packaging with all cables, ties, bags,
    padding etc. In that respect, Dixons aren't doing anything wrong.

    If the item breaks, then it's the Sale of Goods act that comes into play -
    and Dixons are obliged to refund any out-of-pocket expenses if it's an
    inherent fault in the machine. They also have to accept the item back in any
    suitable packaging (it's not the original packaging that broke - it's the

    Of course, box-shifters like Dixons have such tight margins that they will
    try to impose any unreasonable terms they can to avoid the expense of
    dealing with returns. If you go far enough up the hierarchy, you'll find
    someone who knows that you(the consumer) have rights and that if you are
    within those rights but aren't satisfied, have a legal remedy.
    G Hardy, Jul 20, 2008
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