Samsung puts out the first 5 megapixel cellphone.

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Linda_N, Oct 21, 2004.

  1. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Linda_N, Oct 21, 2004
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  2. Linda_N

    George Guest

    If it works better than the three Samsung monitors I've owned (all dead
    within 1 week after the warranty expired) and the Samsung camcorder that my
    wife won for being their "employee of the year" (malfunctioned right out of
    the box, wouldn't turn off), they might have something. Of course, I'll
    never know as I wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole based solely on my
    own previous experience with the brand.
    George, Oct 21, 2004
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  3. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Wishful thinking on a cellphone cam replacing a dSLR for at least a couple
    of years [in my opinion]. The sensors are too small and the features too few
    on the cellphone cams. What this indicates though is that the industry will
    start moving toward researching smaller, high quality sensors and lenses. It
    will be interesting to see what exists as industry standard in 3 years from

    Linda_N, Oct 22, 2004
  4. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Agreed that Samsung is not noted for high quality. I'd not buy one myself,
    but the fact that they are breaking the 3 megapixel barrier in North
    American means that the big names will be quick to answer back. I like when
    the lesser names force the hands of the big names to speed the technology up
    a bit.

    Linda_N, Oct 22, 2004
  5. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    hehehe, I'm slow! Sorry I did miss your ;-) But really it is exciting [and
    feasible] to think there will come a day when tiny sensors and tiny
    multi-purpose lens(es) allow the quality of a current day dSLR to be fit
    into a casing as small as the smallest cellphone. For some reason I think
    the industry will try to slow the development of the same down as much as
    possible. There is just too much to loose for the big names.

    Linda_N, Oct 22, 2004
  6. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    hehehe I hope not! It would be so great if the majority of people on the
    Internet would develop the policy to under no condition purchase anything
    from any company that participates in unsolicited spam e-mails. That would
    put an end to spamming fast enough. I'm all for technology, but if I want to
    know about it I go to the tech wires or appropriate newsgroups.

    I think there is too much money in spam for companies developing spam
    software (both send and stop)

    Linda_N, Oct 22, 2004
  7. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    hehehe, that could be! I've not seen any reviews on the this model yet. The
    3 megapixels apparently give good image quality under 'ideal' lighting
    situations, but lack the controls necessary for less than ideal conditions
    (that's probably 90% of the time hehehe). The technology has a long way to
    go before it will be a suitable replacement for current digital cams.

    Linda_N, Oct 22, 2004
  8. Linda_N

    George Guest

    I'm glad they serve a purpose <g>. Actually, (and this shocked me totally)
    has done very well in some magazine surveys of quality! Of course, I still
    them as being the only customer we had at a company that I used to work for
    would buy our rejects (and only our rejects)...that, and the hours of video
    I had of
    people's feet...and the 25V (max) capacitors in a power supply circuit

    BTW, does the Samsung phone/cam take interchangeable lenses? If not, Canon
    more likely snickering than quaking regardless of how many pixels.

    George, Oct 22, 2004
  9. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Yet. I'd like to think that what is in development now will change the whole
    concept of lens size in the future. Philips (and partners) is developing
    (Reseaching and has prototypes) the liquid gas concept. The prototype that I
    saw is approximately the size of half the head of a standard push-pin. The
    control arm (for shape to control wide angle and zoom) was approximately 2
    inches long, and the electronic circuit board the arm is controlled by is
    approximately 2"x 2". If everything works out as expected I think we will
    see a huge change in any and all optics, possibly even in eye sight
    correction optics.

    Linda_N, Oct 23, 2004
  10. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Or the whole concept of aperture gets tossed out by a new type of lens
    (liquid gas) that controls light via flex instead of via a hole in the

    Even if the above doesn't happen, you are right that the cellphones could
    become good enough to satisfy the average user's needs, and that in itself
    will put a huge dent in the consumer level camera market. Canon, Nikon,
    Olympus, Fiji, Minolta must all know that their consumer line ups are in
    danger of being lost to the growing consumer cellcam fad market. That is
    good though because it pushes the big names to move technology a bit faster
    to come out with better, more innovative concepts.

    Linda_N, Oct 23, 2004
  11. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    Samsung may have changed it philosophy on quality control. At one time it
    believed it was much cheaper to simply go without a quality control
    department (and all the expenses that come with having this from R&D up
    through to release product lines) and instead exchange (without question)
    any producted reported defective by resellers and customers. Samsung never
    argued and always sent a replacement. It may have been cheaper for Samsung,
    but for the customer paying shipping costs to send lemons back it was often
    more expensive in money and in time lost. Perhaps now Samsung has a quality
    control department, and thus the higher ratings on some of its products
    (I've not seem anything indicating this to be true, but you have.)

    Canon like any company with a product line of fixed lens consumer cameras
    stands to loose a lot if the large megapixel cellcam phones get too good, or
    good enough to satisfy the type of person that would normally purchase a
    Canon Point & Shoot. That part of the reason why I state that this
    development by Samsung will force the hands of the big names to speed their
    new technology releases up a bit. Nobody is ignoring what could bite them in
    the market place butt.

    Linda_N, Oct 23, 2004
  12. Linda_N

    George Guest

    It would be neat if they came up with some sort of modular, plug-in
    standard so that you could choose whose you want and the resolution you
    OTOH, so many companies and legislators are bothered by phone/cams that they
    might be legislated out of existence (voyeur concerns) or have their usage
    so restricted
    within businesses (espionage concerns) as to become a non-issue for P&S
    camera vendors.
    George, Oct 24, 2004
  13. Linda_N

    Linda_N Guest

    I agree that Canon and Nikon are not likely to start helping cellphone
    manufacturer's to make high meg cellcams. Remember that if these cellcams
    start to get as good (both image quality and feature wise) as Canon's,
    Nikon's, Fuji's (for examples of big names) consumer level cameras,
    consumers will naturally go for the cellcam over the more traditional digi
    cam. Two items (cell and cam) for less than the price of one digi cam will
    definitely get consumers consuming the cellcams. The big names will have no
    choice but to change the way they offer up small, compact, digicams if they
    want those product lines to remain profitable. It may be another year or two
    before the cellcam companies can figure out how to get more photo controls
    into the cellcams, but I'm pretty confident that the good folks at Canon are
    already thinking 5 years ahead and working on designs to counter the cellcam
    fad that is sweeping the consumer market.

    Linda_N, Oct 24, 2004
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