Samsung scd27 camcorder memory stick info needed

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment' started by SQR, Sep 8, 2022.

  1. SQR


    Sep 8, 2022
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    I received a Samsung scd27 which calls for a memory stick upon startup, and indeed the card slot is empty. The manual, as noted in another post, essentially does not cover the memory stick beyond saying that the manual covers both the D27 and D29 models, but that memory stick is only pertinent to the D29. The problem is that my D27 DOES accept a memory stick, but there is no information even for the D29 what the memory card specs actually are; no point in wasting capacity that can't be accessed, and so maximum sized chip is needed. Additionally, another post stated that the original memory stick, and not the dou or pro or any later models of memory stick will work, but it has proven impossible so far for me to even locate a vendor or even article regarding original memory stick. If it is truly only for JPEG pictures, then I don't care, but the was also a reference to using USB transfer of MP4 files, implying video can indeed be shot to chip, and this IS of interest, to avoid needing a FireWire card and transfer times incumbent with transferring from tape. I appreciate any enlightenment that should simply be in the manual in the first place, especially the status of chip availability.
    Thanks, and I hop my first post was in proper form.
    SQR, Sep 8, 2022
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