Samsung specs?

Discussion in 'Samsung' started by Galadrial, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Galadrial

    Galadrial Guest

    Looking at the Samsung NV's i6, i70 and soon the i7 - want to get an all
    rounder, high MP camera, video taker and MP3 player.

    Does anyone know how sophisticated the MP3 player is in any of these? are
    play lists allowed / random play etc I've read that the NV3 is very basic
    but can't find out about the others even though the i6 is available (Samsung
    cust service completely missed the point of my query and sent a standard

    Thanks if you take the time to answer
    Galadrial, Mar 10, 2007
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  2. Galadrial

    ASAAR Guest

    I don't know how sophisticated the embedded mp3 players are, but
    from general experience with several standalone mp3 players, I'd
    guess that the Samsung mp3 players are bottom feeders. My most used
    mp3 players are small, one about the size of an AA battery and the
    other a little more than twice the size. Both can fit in a shirt
    pocket with room for many more. If I had one the size of even the
    smallest of the Samsung cameras, if I used it at all it would only
    be indoors. One of my mp3 players uses a permanently installed
    Li-Ion battery, so it's unsuitable for taking on trips if I won't be
    near a computer, since it can only recharge using a USB port. The
    larger one uses a single AA battery that lasts for 50 hours, so that
    can go anywhere. I'd suggest checking to see if any of the Samsung
    cameras have manuals that can be downloaded. If so, you'll probably
    be able to determine how sophisticated they are with respect to
    playing mp3 files. Most of the manuals I've seen give the number of
    shots you can expect per battery charge as well as the number of
    hours of viewing time you can get from the camera's LCD display. If
    the Samsung manual doesn't state how many hours of mp3 playing time
    its Li-Ion batteries are good for, you might want to assume "not

    I've found that many mp3 players don't handle playlists properly.
    Some don't even use lists that you create, but create their own,
    based on their own rules, and sometimes this causes problems. I
    consider good bookmarks to be very important. Not just the ability
    to have one or two, but to have many, and for them to be able to
    return to any position within a track, not just to the beginning of
    a track. That's important if you have very long tracks, such as 30
    minutes, 60 minutes or longer. You're unlikely to have any
    questions about these considerations answered by sales people, so
    being able to read the manual prior to purchase is important. I may
    be mistaken, but I think that you'll be disappointed by Samsung's
    built-in mp3 players. Since they make standalone mp3 players
    there's a chance they'll have created nice implementations for the
    cameras, but I have doubts. They seem as much the gimmicks for
    geeks as the wristwatches that had tiny keypads, doing double duty
    as simple, awkward calculators. YMMV.
    ASAAR, Mar 10, 2007
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  3. Galadrial

    cgiorgio Guest

    You can download the actual manuals in .pdf format from the -website.
    The info you are looking for should be in there. At least the manual for my
    Samsung DSLR is very well written and comprehensive.
    cgiorgio, Mar 10, 2007
  4. Galadrial

    Galadrial Guest

    Thanks cgiorgio! got a manual for the i6, but the i7 and i70 will be there
    'soon' looks like they are 'lauched' but not 'out' yet - if anyone has seen
    one I love to hear from them!
    Galadrial, Mar 11, 2007
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