Scanner help: can not install any scanner : is it possible to repair "still image" , i.e. scanners,

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by tah, Dec 7, 2003.

  1. tah

    tah Guest

    I have bought the 2rd scanner and alltogether I tried the 3rd scanner to
    install and to use with WINDOWS XP Home edition, but the scanner part of my
    registry must be destroyed:

    The CANON LIDE 50 Scanner at the USB bus was found, but when I call the
    scanner driver , the scanner is not found (cable not connected, but it is
    connected, and using another PC the same scammer functions well!) , and the
    HP scanner driver at the parallel port can not even be installed correctly,
    because the registry entries from the inf file of the HP scanner are not
    found changed after setup in the registry.

    I have tried what I can : checking the registry entries I know, looking into
    Internet, but although "The Windows XP is said to be the best Windows for
    working with digital photographs. " (from Internet), no scanner cab be
    correctly installed and and used!

    But I can not make a new installation, because of the multitude of the
    installed programs and because I need the so installed programs for my job,
    and I can not make a parallel installation because I have an OEM version
    with only "product recovery CD" - no additional installing of Windows XP in
    another partition is possible!

    Has anybody similar problems with scanner using Windows XP??

    Has anybody a tip or an advice how to repair the registry manually or by a
    program available??

    Thank you very much for help!

    tah, Dec 7, 2003
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  2. Have you followed the recommendations to first install the software before
    connecting? If not, remove the software, clean the registry from references
    you can find (make a backup, and rename the references so it's easy to undo
    the change). Also make sure you only have one scanner on USB, and you might
    try removing other USB devices during the install.
    Is the driver XP compatible? Always update to the latest driver version
    before attempting a new install.

    Not that it will help you, but no I have no difficulties. Scanners are on
    USB, FireWire and SCSI.
    Although probably too late now, don't forget to make a restore point before
    attempting an installation of new software.
    Perhaps a system restore point was made before you started, try restoring to
    that state. If not, it may be hard to remove everything. Any way, start with
    the "Software" keys and rename or remove the Canon references.
    Bart van der Wolf, Dec 7, 2003
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  3. tah

    tah Guest

    Thank you for your answer!

    Yes exactly this I have done several times!
    In 2001 with a HP scanner , and a week ago with the CANON scanner, both USB,
    and with my old HP scanner with parallel port in2001, 2002 and now again
    with 3 updated drivers - now all for Windows XP!
    In 2001 I could not restore the system using the system restore after one of
    my many attempts!
    I think that in that time an error in the registry from one driver was
    caused, ans since this time the "scanner and camera" module in Windows XP is

    Is there any possibility to reinstall this module without a new installation
    of Windows XP??
    That would be possible if there were more and more powerful competitors of

    But very few scanner producers offer LINUX drivers apart from that I can not
    use LINUX because of my work at this time!!
    tah, Dec 8, 2003
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